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Omega Meteor, otherwise known as MID 8501 is ośmiocalowym, a small tablet, concealing dual-core processor and a gigabyte of RAM. The contents are displayed on the screen in turn IPS standard 1024 x 768 resolution – which can therefore distinguish this device?

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The abbreviation, or wideorecenzja Omega Meteor

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Build quality

Niskobudżetowo, but properly

Meteor is made ​​entirely of plastic. Obvious that we are dealing with a cheap tablet, but on the other hand all the elements fit diligence is admirable. Worse now with the same rigid structure; tablet firmly bend the stronger force, but of course it does not break out of the question. Visible but big whirlpool effect, even if we use a little force. [Nggallery id = 376 template = techmaniak] Omega good in the hand, if only the hands are not sweaty. The rear wall is pretty slick – I would advise on this issue so be careful, because I think no one wants to lose their new acquisition as a result of the fall. Tablet measures 204 x 155 x 9.5 millimeters and weighs 434 grams, so it is noticeably light and compact equipment. On the front panel, the ośmiocalowy IPS screen, on which we see the front, back-up camera with a sensor resolution of 0.3 megapixels. Width of frame surrounding the display allows comfortable use MID 8501. Lower and left edges of the tablet are free from any connections, they appear only on the upper wall, which in turn shows a headphone jack, power jack, microUSB port, hidden behind a flap nifty microSD card slot and mini HDMI socket. Besides, we can find more physical power button and dual-function multimedia button, which is responsible, among others for setting the volume. buttons were firmly embedded, none of these years in its bay.

Omega Meteor / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Pictures can be saved by using the main camera, offering a resolution of two megapixels. It is an essential tool, free autofocusu and video recording in VGA quality – problems with saving images is a photo application, displaying the message over and over again about the lack of available memory. Fortunately, installing any program photo from Google Play solves this problem. Example photos Omega Meteor - sample #4
Omega Meteor - sample #1 Omega Meteor - sample #2

Sample video


Cool colors, wide viewing angles, but the effect does not fit Jacuzzi

Omega Meteor - screen / photo tabletManiaK.pl

1024 x 768 pixels is a value identical with respect to that at the close diagonal has twice as expensive iPad Mini. Platinet, producer Meteora, set the IPS matrix – and this decision very happy, because that gives us a well-saturated colors and the corresponding viewing angles. In comparison with other tablets with similar price cap get similar performance, with a density of 160 PPI.

Omega Meteor - viewing angle / photo tabletManiaK.pl

responsiveness of the touch panel is good, the closest in this respect is Meteorowi Iconii Acer A1, equipped with a screen less than a tenth of an inch. MID 8501 problem and the effects can be hot tub, which I mentioned earlier. The characteristic air bubbles can be seen not only during intense bending tablet, but also with a little bit stronger pressure. This is not a feature which can not be used. The brightness can be written and good, and bad. Well because it failed to reach a maximum value of 318 cd/m2, which may not be a record, but certainly the result of allowing for comfortable use tablet in daylight outdoors. On the other hand, the non-uniformity of the backlight is as high as 21 percent, which should be considered a defect Omega. Fortunately for everyday use even this disparity is very much felt. Below you will find list of maximum and minimum brightness, achieved on battery power.

Omega Meteor - Maximum brightness / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Omega Meteor - minimum brightness / photo tabletManiaK.pl


Broad support for 3G modems

Onboard Wi-Fi works well and keeps good coverage, Wi-Fi Analyzer pick out a large number of network neighbors, and our – test – a combination not break even once. As you move from room to room fell up one line, which easily could be considered the result satisfactory. A nice surprise is the support for both older and newer 3G modems, as evidenced by the full support Huawei E3131. Tablet independently recognized APN s network play and has connected within 30 seconds. The Aero 2 or not you have a problem, if only your modem will be compatible. In USB mode, the tablet recognizes OTG USB sticks and external hard drives with separate power supply. HDD devoid of additional energy sources are a big problem – their contents will not be read by Meteora. But this is not an exception, as many appliances we tested also had a problem in this section. A separate issue is also impossible to charge via USB, which requires extra charger pack. Tablet connects to a computer using a USB cable and is automatically recognized as a mass storage.

Omega Meteor / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Omega needs to get big minus for the memory board, whose capacity is only 4 GB, of which 1.4 GB is reserved for the system. The role of internal memory full turn space equal to 0.98 GB. On the plus side is written the presence of Bluetooth and native support for Flash. Especially the latter feature is not as often as you might think. The tablet does not have a problem with the running game the system browser, or with streaming video files. Platinet implemented modest speaker housing, which, however, can deliver surprisingly powerful sound – and in addition it is not deformed even at maximum flow (about 78 decibels).


The film works best

Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4300 mAh is not distinguished by anything in particular, but on the plus side you have to save even energy consumption. In addition to surfing the web with an external 3G modem, none of the tasks did not result in noticeably greater demand for power. Bearing in mind the capacity of the battery, it is difficult to expect a different result than the following. [Test slug = "battery" virtual = "video-wifi-on, video-wifi-off, Internet-wifi, internet-3g-wifi communicator, max" product_id = "19206"]

Performance and Functionality

Rockchip gigabyte of RAM

To start with, traditionally, Serve benchmarks. Dual-core Rockchip RK3066 falls, like those of other tablets that use this proven entity. [Test slug = "quadrant" product_id = "19206"] [test virtual = "3dmark-ice-storm-total, 3dmark-ice-storm-graphics, 3dmark-ice-storm-physics" slug = "3dmark" product_id = " 19206 "] [test slug =" antutu "product_id =" 19206 "] [test slug =" an3dbenchxl "product_id =" 19206 "] SoC uses Cortex-A9 cores clocked at 1.6GHz, Mali-400 graphics, and the whole supports gigabyte of RAM. During normal use, I have not experienced any hangups or lag. I will be brief – to slow down the equipment you need is really a massive start the installation, upgrade, and even multiple applications in the background. Then I was able to put all the equipment I have a second or two, but after a short period of digestion everything is back to normal. You can see that Platinet put a lot of work to optimize software – and, well, because it's a feature not found as often as it should be encountered. [Nggallery id = 380 template = techmaniak] Rockchip RK3066 is, amongst others, to Prestigio MultiPad 9.7 Ultra Duo by GOCLEVERZE 974.2 and everywhere works similarly fast. But I must admit that Omega seems slightly more fluid in shifting the desktop or browsing through Web pages. This is the cheapest way of the aforementioned tablet, including due to the diagonal. Manufacturer added together with the tablet application to read – Free Reading. It's pretty nice, although very simple program where you will find hundreds of diverse, classic literary works – ranging from Andersen, and ending with Joseph Conrad. [Nggallery id = 378 template = techmaniak] Running both simple and more advanced games is certainly possible. No hassle fired at least Asphalt 7, the game has a good klatkażem and fast rendering of individual elements. Needless to say that titles like Jetpack Joyride or Bad Piggies do not constitute any problem for the new tablet Platinetu.

Omega Meteor / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Multimedia also have a solid advantage MID 8501. In addition to Full HD with a throughput of 40 Mb / s (play, but it is not possible rewinding) and files in 4K resolution, the tablet is able to play anything – even video with audio encoded in DTS. Tested files:
  • mkv, 480p, xvid, 1mbps, he aac, subtitles
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 600kbps, aac / mp3 dual audio
  • mp4, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, aac
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, vorbis, subtitles
  • mp4, 720p, h264, 6Mbps, ac3
  • mkv 1080p h264, 10Mbps, dts
  • mts, 1080p, h264, 12Mbps
  • mkv 1080p h264, 40Mbps (inability to scroll the image)
  • mp4, 4K (3840 × 2160), h264, 34mbps (lack of liquidity)
  • mp4, 4K (4096 × 1716), h264, aac, 35Mbps (lack of liquidity)

Summary, evaluate and review

Omega is a cool new equipment – even if it has some disadvantages, consider the purchase of

Non-invasive design, IPS screen and broad compatibility with external modems make new Omega attractive proposition for anyone who does not want the tablet to spend more than 600 dollars. This amount was very competitive, especially when you consider the great software optimization and smooth operation of the equipment.

Omega Meteor / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Testing of these tablets is a pleasure. The point is to know what to expect from them – and here I gained not only that, but also a little more. The only one distinct disadvantage MID 8501 is a small on-board memory, amounting to barely four gigabytes. Purchase a microSD card becomes a fact not an option but a necessity. [temperature] DESIGN / QUALITY | 3.0 | HOME | 3.25 | OUTPUT POWER | 4 | CAPACITY | 3.5 | SOFTWARE | 3.25 | EQUIPMENT | 3.25 | [/ temperature]
  • a bad quality
  • IPS display,
  • broad compatibility with external modems,
  • Support DTS
  • good speaker,
  • HDMI
  • native support Flash,
  • Bluetooth
  • microSD card slot.
  • only 4 GB of disk space
  • no charging by USB,
  • large whirlpool effect,
  • Problems with photo camera application
  • lack of support for the HDD without their own power supply.

Alternative proposals

For the same price there is also the Acer tablet, recently introduced on the market Iconia A1-810. If naszłaby you turn on hardware with Windows, you may be tempted to buy Iconii W3 – but now we wait for the updated version, having come out in the near future. There is also, of course, more expensive alternative of Galaxy Note 8.0 – tablet belonging to the family of the Korean manufacturer's flagship.

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