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High Definition is slowly starting to be the domain of 9.7-inch tablet, this time to the editor came Kiano Elegance – tablet with IPS matrix with a density of 264 PPI (2048 x 1536 pixels), a quad-core Rockchip RK3188 and two gigabytes of RAM. Let us see how long awaited premiere of Krakow's handle in the tests.

Kiano Elegance / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Build quality

"By M. Zanetti" is not just an empty postscript

Someone sooner or later have to realize that "the Chinese" are not the most beautiful specimens of consumer electronics. There are worse, there are better – some even very successful in terms of design – but none of them stands out at first glance. Perhaps another way: do not stand out. Now the situation decided to change Kiano that the project gave the pen tablet and an eye for someone much more familiar with the proper industrial design. [Nggallery id = 386 template = techmaniak] Tablet actually stands out among a number of devices at a similar price threshold. Maybe not from the front, because the screen is predominantly black borders (it is worth to pay attention to their relatively modest thickness), but the sides begin a small revolution. Brushed aluminum goes into juicy flash, which is modest, surrounding the display bar. Located on the bottom of a microSD card slot, while the top left to itself. The right panel is a one hundred percent shiny buttons (switches and physical volume control), the RESET button, charging socket, a small socket HDMI, Micro USB, mini-jack and a single loudspeaker. Tablet measures 240 x 176 x 10 millimeters and weighs 588 grams, which makes equipment lighter than the latest iPad. [Nggallery id = 382 template = techmaniak] The rear panel is almost entirely made ​​of soft visually, brushed aluminum, the only glossy element is the embossed logo Kiano and border protection dwumegapikselowego lens camera also capable to record video in VGA quality. It also shows that occurs on the left wall of the plastic cap, whose main task is to provide good reception Wi-Fi. Below you will find examples of photographs taken with the main (2 megapixels), on the other hand, we placed them in a test video at a maximum resolution (640 x 480 pixels). Integrated digital camera is an absolute basis and from the similar price products are not distinguished by anything in particular. Example photos Kiano Elegance - sample #3

Kiano Elegance - sample #2 Kiano Elegance - sample #1

Sample video


Here's the magic

Kiano Elegance / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Elegance is not the first tablet that uses such a high resolution at a price below $ 1,000. It is one of a row, but it is closed in by far the prettiest packaging. The screen, made ​​with in-plane switching, featuring a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels (density equal to exactly 263.92 PPI) is sharp, neutral color temperature, while virtually saturated color.

Kiano Elegance / photo tabletManiaK.pl

The picture looks natural, devoid of distortions and excessive boost specific colors. Angles present themselves very well.

Kiano Elegance - viewing angle / photo tabletManiaK.pl

reaches maximum brightness of 204 cd/m2 – the average value. In most cases, enough for comfortable viewing of materials outside a cozy apartment, but in bright sunlight image may have been unclear. On the other hand, the manufacturer coped well with the potential problem of uneven lighting – it amounts to about 10%, which is an acceptable value. The minimum brightness of a new baby Kiano stabilized at around 30 cd/m2.

Kiano Elegance - Maximum brightness / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Kiano Elegance - minimum brightness / photo tabletManiaK.pl


There is support for some external drives, flash and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi, probably thanks to the plastic casing allowing for better radio communications, it works well here. The connection is stable, does not break for no reason, do not hang up after the anesthesia equipment. Log in to several different networks also went smoothly – Elegance immediately obtain an IP address and a record where the record should. Below you will find podglądówki Wi-Fi Analyzer, enhanced description of "situational". [Nggallery id = 384 template = techmaniak] The tablet does not have an internal 3G modem (so-equipped version will not appear until the autumn), but offers support for some external devices. I tested two models – higher Huawei E3131 and older, but still very popular Huawei E173-u2. First, unfortunately, did not move, but in the second the tablet without problems to detect the hardware and set up a stable connection. To read the contents of the media of connected via USB OTG, there will be no problem with pendrives and drives connected to the mains. The case related to external drives without power is more complicated, the test we were able to read the contents of the Transcend StoreJet 25H3 (with native USB 3.0) and a 320-gigabyte Toshiba (USB 2.0), and neither ADATA Superior SH93, or the previous generation of Transcend StoreJet USB 2.0 not recognized by Elegance. Do not expect it to function with a charging USB port, it is only possible with the help of the included 9V charger – less popular 5V adapters do not provide sufficient voltage at the output.

Kiano Elegance - screenshot / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Hold your tablet to your computer without problems, the device is recognized as a mass storage. Kiano has 16 gigabytes of on-board memory, of which 1.97 GB is the internal memory. This value located in the upper part of the medium adopted for tablets. Tablet also offers Bluetooth and support for Flash. It is necessary to use the system browser, as a rule, Chrome technology bought by Adobe does not support it. The manufacturer has implemented a single speaker with an average maximum volume. Measurements indicate about 60 decibels in the room of medium size, about 50 inches from the tablet.


High capacity battery vs demanding screen

Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 8000 mAh may initially impress, but in use it is found that the capacity was just a necessity, associated primarily with a great but demanding screen. Results of stress tests carried out at the screen brightness set to 120 cd/m2, below. [Test slug = "battery" virtual = "video-wifi-on, video-wifi-off, Internet-wifi, internet-3g-wifi communicator, max" product_id = "19208"] Tablet does well with the distribution of energy in browsing. The Wi-Fi give a result of 370 minutes, whereas when watching movies could be "tightened" only to 280 For example, the plow FORCE distributed vice versa; equipment to better cope with the films, while the battery drains widely understood Internet. Charging the tablet from the state 4% to 100% takes a little over two hours, assuming that we use the original charger (9V/2A) and the tablet is on, with a blank display.

Performance and Functionality

It is well, with room for amendments

Recently the editors were arriving the same "fast" tablets. Tests published within the past two weeks describe the most comfortable in the navigation device, operating without any trim. All of them with one – two times lower resolution than the one in which Kiano has equipped their new baby. Some of this equipment is also maintained at a similar threshold range (for example 9.7 Ultra Prestigio MultiPad Duo).

Kiano Elegance - screenshot / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Turning to the merits: you must be aware of the fact that not one hundred percent will experience the elegance of liquidity. One should probably use the old principle of compromise, which is simply "something for something". In this case – the resolution, brilliant colors and design versus always smooth operation of the system. Theoretically, the tablet has sufficient excess capacity in the form of Rockchip RK3188 (quad-core Cortex-A9 at 1.6GHz, graphics Mali-400 MP4), supported by two gigabytes of RAM. Sam processor is faster than the Allwinner A31 (which I wrote about here), but znowuż the latter has a more powerful GPU PowerVR SGX544MP2. Rockchip's proposal is "just" overclocked to 533 MHz Mali. Benchmarks credence to the idea enough power and imperfect optimization. Kiano In Quadrancie RK3188 doing well, indicating the result of 5232 points (Allwinner A31 logs barely over 3000), a similar advantage over cheaper SoC-cs can also be seen in AnTuTu and An3DBenchXL. In short, it means that there is still room for improvement software, whether it be updated to the next version of Android, the distribution or better "captured" Android 4.1.2, which is currently based Elegance. [Test slug = "quadrant" product_id = "19208"] [test virtual = "3dmark-ice-storm-total, 3dmark-ice-storm-graphics, 3dmark-ice-storm-physics" slug = "3dmark" product_id = " 19208 "] [test slug =" antutu "product_id =" 19208 "] [test slug =" an3dbenchxl "product_id =" 19208 "] So what's wrong? First of all browsing overloaded graphics. Using Chrome will see that the tablet needs a lot of time to load content into the cache, a little too shall pass before graduation will be recognized. In the photo browser, there are no problems – until the tablet we have dozens of applications installed. In this case, they become noticeable problems with the management of storage resources, so that even the built-in browser is able to reliably release. On the other hand, the simple site which dominates the text, you can browse without much downtime. Any deficiencies but fantastic rewards resolution and color reproduction, as expanded wrote in the section devoted to the screen.

Kiano Elegance - screenshot / photo tabletManiaK.pl

The game is good. Real Racing 3 running smoothly (here and there happen to be a minor hiccup, but nothing else), Elegance launched, all test items from Google Play, including Asphalt 7 and Real Boxing. In the case of asphalt klatkaż slowing only on the animations that occur when accidents.

Kiano Elegance / photo tabletManiaK.pl

equipment has no problems with YouTube and other applications streamingującymi. Another thing is updating several applications in Google Play, tablet does not change then the specifics of its operation and functioning smoothly. Slowed down but when downloading a single large file (installation Asphalt 7), which is a unique situation and may be due to lack of proper optimization.

Kiano Elegance / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Elegance is coping well with the media, providing full support for files in full HD – along with those of high-speed and audio encoded in DTS. Flawed just playing high-definition 4K – you can see a solid crop and synchronization problems on the line audio-video. Materials MX recreate in the Player with the latest codecs. Tested files:
  • mkv, 480p, xvid, 1mbps, he aac, subtitles
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 600kbps, aac / mp3 dual audio
  • mp4, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, aac
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, vorbis, subtitles
  • mp4, 720p, h264, 6Mbps, ac3
  • mkv 1080p h264, 10Mbps, dts
  • mts, 1080p, h264, 12Mbps
  • mkv 1080p h264, 40Mbps
  • mp4, 4K (3840 × 2160), h264, 34mbps (lack of liquidity)
  • mp4, 4K (4096 × 1716), h264, aac, 35Mbps (lack of liquidity)

Summary, evaluation and review

Nice tablet with a good screen

It is difficult to express a clear opinion Kiano because this product extremely ambitious. The screen is excellent in terms of resolution and color reproduction, but on the other hand could be a bit brighter. Housing is another giant asset Elegance – in comparison with the rest of the devices based on Chinese components we are dealing with something unique, distinctive from the crowd tablets at similar prices.

Kiano Elegance / photo tabletManiaK.pl

On the other hand, there is the issue of performance. Rockchip RK3188 system has enough power to effectively manage such equipment – you can see this especially after some demanding games, where the smooth operation does not differ from that which we experience in tablets with lower resolutions. Meanwhile there is the matter related to the optimization of the ordinary, everyday use. Elegance tends humor especially when browsing web pages, but the menu itself can sometimes be cut. Fortunately, they seem to the issues related to the software, which is easy to correct after the update. One thing is certain – the producer of this project will not leave alone. Elegance has too much potential to become a leader in its segment. [temperature] DESIGN / QUALITY | 5.0 | HOME | 4.5 | OUTPUT POWER | 3.25 | CAPACITY | 4.0 | SOFTWARE | 3.0 | EQUIPMENT | 4.0 | [/ temperature]
  • high quality,
  • brilliant IPS display with high resolution
  • Support DTS
  • broad compatibility with multimedia,
  • HDMI
  • pretty good gaming performance,
  • native support Flash,
  • Bluetooth.
  • occasional problems of optimization,
  • the maximum brightness of the display should be higher,
  • selective support for the HDD without their own power supply.

Distinction editorial techManiaK.pl

In our opinion, the tablet deserves a special mention "good buy".

Alternative proposals

In the category of tablets with high-resolution IPS screen should certainly include Plug and Shiru Emperor FORCE 10, which have a display not only of similar quality, but also identical diagonal. The plan should also receive an Omega MID9712 or Modecom FreeTAB IPS2 X4 9704, also equipped with a monitor of the same class.

We answer readers' questions

Mryczuś: Is the Wi-Fi catch through walls Yes, Wi-Fi here have not noticed any major problems. Mryczuś: How to liquidity in games? Answers can be found in the text. In short – good. Mryczuś: Is processor handles Retina? Do not jam your tablet? The less installed apps, the tablet run faster. Details in the "Performance". Krystek1323: How to work with modems? For older there are no problems, but some of the newer, as Huawei E3131, are not yet supported. Cheese: How to cope with external drives? Full answer to this question can be found in section "Equipment", where we tested four external drives. krolik_R: Please check the uniformity of the backlight … published the results of the calibrator in the "Display".

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