Apple iPad series enjoy considerable popularity. Still, however, were never a dedicated version of Firefox, because the Cupertino giant is only WebKit. Mozilla does not show firefox so on that platform. Is working on WebKit-based browser Junior.

The product of Mozilla for the iPad is on the way / pic Apple

The advantage of the new browser from Mozilla is to be simplicity. The project involves the operation of only two navigation buttons. Extreme minimalism, right? Well, but, well, consider the concept of Mozilla Browser appearance as a very innovative. The first button click will we retreated to the previous page and when you hold open the browser menu. The second will open the Bookmarks menu, allows you to enter a new address and allow you to switch between your open browser windows. The concept of the Mozilla developers seem to be very interesting. However, if users of Apple devices will find the new browser from Mozilla? Probably not dethrone it Safari, but it can serve as a strong alternative to it. And you's view of the new project Mozilla? Try it when you share? Does the you succeed? Source: Mozilla