At the end of September this year Allwinner announced the latest computing unit – Allwinner A80 – which will use technology developed by ARM big.LITTLE. Mass production of the processor is expected to begin at the end of this and next year, but before that happens, come to us very optimistic about.

Allwinner A80 Octa

Allwinner A80, manufactured in 28-nanometer process, which cores are based on the architecture of ARM Cortex-A15 test supposedly ended in the application benchamrrkowej AnTuTu score over forty thousand points. Is to be responsible for the graphics, one of the three high-performance graphics systems – Mali-T6xx, Mali-T7XX or PowerVR G6000. At the moment, engineers are faced with high demand for energy, as well as from overheating, which may cause delays in production. It is worth noting that there is no confirmed information about the high performance of the system (no screenshots), so we have to look forward to the next news. Source: gsmmaster