Latest Tablet Barnes & Noble has been recognized on the website GFXBench, so we know a partial technical specification. It is worth to look at it a little closer, as the equipment looks really good.

NOOK HD / photo producer

Barnes & Noble BNTV800 was caught on the website GFXBench , from which we learn that our hero during the tests worked under the control of Google Android version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and its smooth operation assured 4 -core processor NVIDIA Tegra 4 with a maximum clock frequency of 1810 MHz and the graphics chip GeForce. The image was presented while the display of the canvas with a resolution of 1620 x 1008 pixels, which means that the full native resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3 will be probably 1620 x 1200 pixels (192 pixels others are reserved for on-screen buttons). At the moment it is not known remaining technical specifications, as well as the release date, so interested there is nothing else but look forward to further news. Source: GFXBench, notebookitalia