A few weeks ago I argued that the tablets did not suddenly disappear from the market and in subsequent years, we will continue to observe increases in sales in this part of the mobile industry. If in 2012 someone asked about the company, which will be in a few years to drive these increases and to enjoy leadership position in the segment of tablets, most people would answer probably Apple. Today you can see, with the Cupertino giant will lose the race in the field and will soon be dethroned.

In the text, which I referred to before the time, there were tables presenting the results of research firm Gartner. They show, among others, that the iOS last year was deposed on tabletowym the market for the Android platform – sold more tablets running Google from mobile than from the software giant from Cupertino. In terms of volume lost to the system, but not the company itself – remained the sales leader Apple, because the outcome Android made up the results of many companies using this free and open platform.

Fig. Gartner

Fig. Gartner

At the beginning of last year (Q1 2013) Apple had more than 40 percent share of tablet sales. Runner-statement, ie Samsung lapped and with a vengeance (17.5% market share, IDC data). The American company had reason to be happy – resisted competition and recorded the best results in sales of products, which along with smartphones has become a symbol of change in the IT industry. Everything looked beautiful (from the point of view of Apple), until it was looked into sections showing the dynamics of growth of sales – American manufacturer inferior in this respect some players, and this meant that for some time the company can feel his breath on the back of prosecuting her competition. In particular, the Korean giant.

As it was with smartphones?

To understand what is now happening in the tablet market, it is worth recalling that in recent years occurred in the segment of smart phones. At the beginning of the two tables created by IDC – the first shows the market shares of the companies selling smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2011, the second in the fourth quarter of 2013. Two years difference. Much? These data indicate that it is quite a lot: the market has been very serious reshuffle. Some players disappeared from the five largest producers in their place appeared to others.

Fig. IDC

Fig. IDC

attention should be recovered primarily on the first two places in both tables – took them corporations, Apple and Samsung, but … But within two years had time to exchange places. Sales of both companies has increased, but market share increased only Samsung and did so partly at the expense of the corporation from Cupertino. The surprise? Probably not – Asian giant made moves that earned him a place and he was not at the same time much disturbed by Apple. Koreans extended the offer, guided her to a wide audience (all or almost all of the shelf price), conducted aggressive marketing, building an image player who wants to be a market leader. Apple did not respond to these events, just "did their", resulting in only the second place in terms of the number of smartphones sold. It should have in mind that the position of vice-leader already lurk others – especially Lenovo.

With tablets will be the same

Time for another table – this time showing the tablet sales in previous quarters (per IDC). At the beginning of 2012, Apple had a nearly 60 percent stake in the sale of tablets. This means that as many as 6 to 10 tablets sold offers coming from Apple. Just a year later, the rate had dropped to less than 40%. Does this mean that the Cupertino corporation supplied to the market less tablet? No, their sales grew, but … Sales of other manufacturers grow faster. Much faster. It was very noticeable for example in the case of Samsung, which not only leave behind players from the following places, but also reduced the gap on Apple.

Fig. IDC

Fig. IDC

The latest data compiled by IDC, which results in sales in the quarter of 2014 only confirmed what has become apparent some time ago – the Cupertino corporation loses market and is catching up by Samsung. The market shares of the two companies were in the previous quarter respectively over 32% and over 22% of the difference melts, and if nothing can shake the dynamics of change, it is just a few quarters Samsung will become the next leader of the roar of the mobile segment. Koreans simply benefited from the experience gained in the field of smartphones and decided to use them in another branch of the business. Recently, the industry has been reported on the new Samsung tablet – they operate under the code names Klimt, Chagall and Warhol. Apparently all live to see the screens in WQXGA resolution (2,560 × 1,600 pixels). They will not, however, the screens of the same size – the smallest model will see its more than 8-inch display, the largest of more than 13-inch. Products targeted at customers with different needs and different contents of your wallet. Introduction to the sale of these devices will be a continuation of the strategy pursued for quite some time. YouTube Preview Image Probably many of you remember what Samsung brought to Las Vegas for CES 2014 event. Speaking of tablets Pro line, which you can find models of the Galaxy Tab Note Pro and Pro – in different sizes, guaranteeing the different features and functions. To this must also throw line Galaxy Note, whose representatives have become in recent years flagowców relief for the series of Galaxy Note can human S. Some qualify among the smartphones, while others look at the equipment as a tablet or equipment which could replace the tablet. And this still does not stop the Korean manufacturer's suggestions. Samsung has expanded the offer tablet not only interesting, but mainly in an efficient manner – he reached a wide audience. What time did the Apple?
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This is the same as in the case of smartphones, "did his". Before the fair CES 2014 a lot was said, not only for large tablets Samsung – rumors related primarily to the mighty iPad. Both subjects simply nakręcały. After the event the rumors about Apple hardware, however, began to wane (although no one expected to launch these products during CES). This does not mean that the corporation will not have a large tablet, but first, it is not known whether and if so when this happens, secondly, can be seen waning interest in the mentioned equipment – the industry alive the next Apple smartphone (iPhone 6), but not their tablet. iPad has become the backdrop for the iPhone. This is bad news for the company, which more in a moment. To sum up this thread can write that Samsung alone executed a plan that previously proved to smartfonowym market. Not copied strategy 100% (Samsung does not sell very cheap tablets), but properly developed with the support of a marketing offer proved to be sufficiently strong weapon. Apple's introduction of the iPad mini has increased its chances in the race with Samsung, but it was not enough to effectively repel Koreans. There are rumors compelling that in iOS planned changes are aimed at the development of multi-tasking on tablets, introducing the possibility of splitting the screen into two parts, but it does not suddenly transform the situation of the corporation in the business. What's more, if the manufacturer so chooses, soon it will be topped with a comment stating that Apple is chasing the market …

Sell ​​iPhone growing, iPad … Falling

The report summarizing the activities of Apple in the first quarter of 2014 contained some interesting information. Compared with the corresponding period of the previous year, seriously improved selling the iPhone, which was a big surprise for many. At the same time, however, has deteriorated sharply sale iPad. The loss of market share by the corporation from Cupertino was not due at this time only with the rapid increase in sales recorded by the competition (we observe it in the smartphone segment), but also with a weaker interest in the offer from Apple. Corporation collided with a big problem, because it turned out that a bunch of clients investing in expensive tablets is severely limited and it is possible that in this case have already been hit a barrier that will be hard to jump.

Fig. MacStories

You can not say this on the basis of sales from one quarter and one must wait for further reports. You can, however, confirm that the problem in Apple's hardware market has filled up with the high price arrived at the competition (not just the works with Android – more and more are beginning here a product of Microsoft system), and will be increasingly difficult to break through to the next million customers . And even maintain those present. Quite likely that in diametrical does not transform that even bulky iPad with many useful features. Now the tablet segment will grow thanks to models with middle and lower-priced, and there is nothing Apple does not attract customers (iPad mini is not a product in a stunningly attractive price).

Defending decorated with billions of dollars

More than half of Apple's revenue comes from sales of smartphones today. The company earns thanks to billions of dollars, but at the same time makes up the demand for smart phones, and that's a dangerous phenomenon. iPad was supposed to be the second lung for corporations from Cupertino, but it becomes clear that it has reached such a position on the market that can boast the iPhone. This is a big problem for Americans, which in time will become more and more visible. Such worries are currently no Samsung – in the case of this manufacturer also play a central role smartphones, but dynamically sustained by a tabletowy pillar. Korean corporation may still have a lot to ponder in this business, and even if he does not succeed, it must not be forgotten that Samsung runs on really many fields and tablets are not, in his case the redoubts, which will have to be defended at all costs. Koreans can be doubly pleased.

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Apple started the smartphone revolution and the moments of triumph gave the competition field, then Steve Jobs showed the world the iPad, which created and dominated the tablet market for years. Now, however, the equipment goes on the defensive, and with him doing it Apple. Samsung will soon be able to announce that it is the undisputed leader in the mobile market. This means not only greater prestige, but also better financial results. And here a very important point – though Apple does not already leads the industry in terms of the number of products sold, it can not be forgotten that the company still earns a mobile IT much money and it will not change over the years … interest you article? See also other manic columns .
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