What annoys you most in a tablet? What is the trait you deem excludes from further use? Which most Trouble you life? Complain bit.

Low battery

Hour battery life? There are also those

You're going a train, watching a movie, and suddenly the battery refuses to obey. And the sockets in your car just is not there (yes, the station time, however, tend to be), then the rest of the trip you spend reviewing the tabletowym mirror. Who of us has not experienced at one time or another scenario?

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buying the tablet, you have to pay attention not only to the capacity of the battery, but mainly on the ratio of that to other components. You have to be careful especially with cheaper products – appliances more well-known manufacturers often make up the relevant software solutions, and the various devices such as a "no-name" battery performance depends directly on the amount of miliamperogodzin and, for example, its relation to the size of the screen. Not only that, of course, but above all else. In some products, you can find specially prepared power savings plans – should use them from time to time, if you want the link to 'squeeze' more. Summary: buying any tablet, regardless of the price cap, read our tests

Dark screen

Well the lights when not lit

Low luminance = curse. No magic, no religion and no political will not irritate the tablet's more than too weak backlight and anti-glare layer miserable. And while we're at it, it's just remind that there are two roads – or the manufacturer will invest in a powerful luminance (as in the new Nexus), or in brilliant shell polarization (see the Samsung Galaxy S5). The latter is in theory makes more sense, because the longer stand away from the wall, but I would not mind to be a combination of the best elements of both approaches to the subject. What then is the correct maximum value? It is difficult to answer this question, because the equation includes just the glass, which was coated with our monitor. On average, the good visibility in bright sunlight will guarantee us a device with a luminance level of 500-700 candelas per square meter (or equivalent its efficiency obtained by said polarization).

ASUS Nexus 7 LTE (2013) - maximum brightness / photo tabletManiaK.pl

a lot less important than maximum brightness is the brightness of the minimum, which is useful, in fact, only people who use the tablet without a light. If you like this way to read a book, without a shadow of doubt (no pun intended), you should look for something with a luminance coming down to the range 1-15 cd/m2. This will ensure a level of comfort for the eyes flipping subsequent digital pages. Last thing is the unevenness of illumination. We have not met yet tablet that on this basis we can completely disqualify. Yes, there were real failures, but none of us did not discourage yourself so successfully to treat her lowest score of the screen. Summary: search tablet with a bright screen and good layers of reflection coutings – the best and the one and the other.

Too much weight, too large in size

VIDEO nobody wants

There are tablets that look like VHS players. There are also those of the other pole – such as the iPad Air or Sony Xperia Tablet Z2. And what if on the highest shelf we can not afford and do not want to spend our money on something that equals the weight of tractors? It's simple – Walk to the store and take the device in your hand. Raise the height of your eyes and play with it a while. If your dear leg will feel the fatigue, it means that the tablet is too heavy.

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is especially true for heavy-duty aluminum structures. Over the last several months, the case has significantly improved weight even on lower shelves, but still here and there we will get a "brick", which reminds us move school years spent in taszczeniu textbooks and fro. Summary: see the device organoleptically before you buy.

Weak Wi-Fi module

Problem cheaper tablets

Plague. Two or three years ago vain Wi-Fi was affordable tablet a real headache; Today, fortunately, is a little better. But what is the worst thing about the performance of such a unit does not convince before you buy – unless you look through our test department. Measurements of conduct usually on several different routers and access pointe.

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As wireless connectivity is working with limited capacity? It's simple – the inexplicable circumstances lose coverage, disconnects than this, than from that, it resets the connection. Often topped with a waiting time for successful communication with the router is longer than would assume common sense. Pay attention to the chipset, in which the control is working tablet – if they are manufacturers other than the Qualcomm and Intel, it's always worth looking at the network more concrete information about possible problems with range. Summary: Performance Wi-Fi interested in a particular before buying cheaper equipment.

Marna optimization

Before using, read the instructions that came with the package or consult your doctor or pharmacist

Disabling applications, jamming applications, "freezing", reset the system, problems with the touch without connecting to the network, the problems with the touch after plugging in the network too long to run programs, incompatibility with applications … It's just the tip of the iceberg.

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In addition to the purely technical aspects, there are also a whole our impressions of the use of the operating system – and how little that factor, they can decide about our consumer satisfaction. How to protect against bad optimization and poor software? First of all – probably guessed it – reading tests. A good complement is also independent inquiry on the forums. Do not confuse the poor performance optimization with the drop appears after a period of use of the device. The natural course of things is the appearance of unnecessary files in the system registry clogged or ordinary, but inevitable "obsolescence". This works, plus or minus, by way similar to your computer – if you do not care about the PC, then after some time refused to obey. Lengthen the boot times, launch programs, shutdown. The only correct conclusion is as follows – on the tablet as on any other hardware, you should care. Remove unnecessary files, uninstalls unused applications and not "clog" memory hardware to the end.

What annoys you the most?

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Dark screen
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Weak WiFi module
Marna optimization
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