Even in late July to inform you about upcoming tablet running under Windows RT. The information indicated that not all producers will receive a green light from the giant from Redmond to produce devices using ARM chips, but the top players in the market can easily create their products. This group also Toshiba, but according to recent information, the company withdrew from the production of tablets with Windows RT. Had his harvest, he began to collect presented some time ago Microsoft Surface?

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As reported – Eric Paulsen – Toshiba spokesman – the decision has nothing to do with Microsoft Surface, and the cause is engendered delays in delivery of components, as the company originally was supposed to use systems supplied by Texas Instruments, for the manufacture of its tablet with Windows RT. And thus not possible to debut on the market in a timely manner, which may cause loss of interest in your products. Daedalus, however, that the company wants to focus on the production of devices based on Intel x86 and x64. Nor does it mean that the market does not make its debut in the future, none of the Windows Tablet Toshiba RT, but this will happen a bit later, and his introduction to the sale will be conditional on the interest the mobile platform. Source: Bloomberg