One of the most important conferences in the IT industry – Google I / O 2014 – will begin on June 25. Every year expectations for equipment and technology there are huge shown. I do not often manage to fulfill them. But it seems that this year the giant of Mountain View will show a number of innovative solutions. To not be too competitive with several concepts Google comes up against a host. Even if you do not intend to watch livestreamu of the conference, it is worth checking whether the exchanges of experts to confirm. Here are 10 things that will most likely appear on the I / O 2014.

I / O is an annual conference Google on new business for the coming year. On the I / O presents new views of Android, the new Google smartphones and tablets, as well as solutions, which later included as everyday use. This year, the seventh edition of the Google I / O will be standard in the Moscone Center in San Francisco on June 25-26. Conference "'s web giant" is an excellent opportunity for application developers to better understand how the Android system. At the party are displayed new products (smartphones and tablets Nexus), it is possible that this time we will see a new class of mobile devices, which Google SmartWatch. On its conference Google often exceeds the limits and presents an innovative approach to public speaking. The real show Google co-founder Sergey Brin, has prepared the audience in 2012, Then it on a huge screen was presented a video of parachute jump from a mysterious shipment (in real time), which was then transferred climbers and cyclists who rode with her straight to the stage. Anyway, look / recall it themselves … YouTube Preview Image can be expected that Google this year will try to break the show two years ago. It will be a good opportunity for doing so, because the conference is likely to be shown in several products. It is easy to imagine that the next Google Glass, the most prone to stunts will be authoring an intelligent watch company from Mountain View. But what really everyone waiting for? What Google will show on the I / O 2014? And this is what …

Android 5.0

Android 5.0 is a sure thing. It's as if wondering whether Championships World Cup, the German team to score a goal. The latest installment of "green droid ', codenamed Lollipop (lollipop) will be another operating system called unconnected with chocolate delicacy. Time for Android 5.0 is right now. Google unveils new iterations of its mobile OS regularly, every 5-8 months. Jelly Bean 4.1 is shown 8 months after Ice Cream Sandwich, and this in turn appeared 8 months after Honeycomb version. Jelly Bean 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 KitKat between their prime ministers were after five months interval. What to expect from Android 5.0? Certainly better communication between different platforms – not just smartphones and tablets, but laptops and smart watches. In this respect, Google somewhat modeled on Apple. After all messages you can send iMessages with both Mac and iOS gadget 7 Most likely, therefore, like, crossplatformowe find a connection between Android and Chrome OS.

Nexus 8

The two previous generations of tablet Google Nexus 7 appeared in July 2012 and July 2013 If you giant from Mountain View wants to keep the cyclical nature of their prime minister, must soon present a new tablet. Conference I / O 2014 will be an excellent opportunity for doing so. What can you expect? Probably not the next incarnation of the Nexus 7, a tablet with a larger screen sizes. Speculated about the Nexus 8, which would compete with the iPad Mini, which has a screen size of 7.9 inches. The new Google tablet would be powered by a 64-bit Intel Moorefield (according to Everything is possible, however, that we will not see the Nexus 8 at the I / O 2014, and on some other, less important event in July.

New Gmail

Gmail as one of the most popular network services in the world, is for programmers never-ending job. There is always something to improve and improve. Some speculate that the way I / O 2014 Google will present "new clothes" Gmail (by ). Google Mail would go a little reorganization – more cards to putting into order the messages, the ability to attach any message at the top of the inbox (so as not to ignore) or pleasing to the eye interface. Google is also working on improving the security of Gmail, but for those on the I / O 2014 probably will not hear.

Nexus 6

Nexus 6 is perhaps one of the most controversial characters of potential conference I / O 2014. Some say that it certainly appears, others that there is no chance for his debut. The very idea of ​​building phabletu Google seems crazy, but looking at the movements of competition, does not it must be so surprising. Nexus 6 is based on the components and technologies used in LG G3. Phablet is to have a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 13-megapixel main camera. Other rumors say that the Nexus 6 will premiere in the autumn of this year.

New Google+

Google+ is the answer giant Facebook and Twitter. Reply extremely appreciated among the "technological elite", but still overlooked by ordinary Internet users. Google boasts that their service with the "plus" in the name has more than 500 million monthly active users. They are, however, collected in a devious way. For active users Google+ considered to be persons who are marginally involved maintenance platform. They will be, for example, users who clicked on the button Google+ or viewed video on YouTube while logged into your account googlowego. What would not say it is not definitely in the style of Facebook. But Google wants and needs to change. Perhaps we will see a glimpse of these changes have on I / O 2014. Senior vice president of Google – Vic Gundotra – who is also responsible for building the power of Google, recently announced that it is leaving the company. What could this mean for the social platform Google? Or closure, or a new beginning. Conference in San Francisco is a good opportunity for the geniuses of Mountain View on the redesign of Google+.

Chromebook Pixel 2

World Chromebooków needs something new. It is no secret that the hegemon led by Larry Page some time working on a new version of Chrome OS. If at I / O 2014 decided to show her, it would mean the imminent launch of Pixel 2 – reference laptop with Google Chrome OS on board. This computer defies the standard definition of the Chromebook, not only affordable, but also in terms of equipment. You can expect that Pixel 2 will have a better screen, more powerful components and a lower price. All this in order to compete with Apple appliances.


The I / O 2014 undoubtedly his big premiere will be the Android platform Wear. This is nothing like the Android transferred to the micro scale – suitable for smaller screens, both in terms of looks and usability. At the conference, Google can expect to release at least one of a group of Android SmartWatch Wear, but most likely it will not be produced directly by the hardware giant. The pioneers of a new fashion may be Moto 360 and LG G Watch. Presentation of these gadgets is planned for this summer, so I / O 2014 will be the right moment. Moto 360 is to be "the most googlowym" SmartWatch on the market. The watch is equipped with induction charging technology and the cost is $ 249. Quite a few like the smart watch, but its functionality to compensate for every penny spent. Samsung, HTC and Fossil watches are also planning a presentation of a series of Android Wear in the near future.

New Google Glass

Google Glass is a project likely to be more controversial than a year ago, but intrigued by beta-testers en masse to pay the $ 1,500 for the opportunity to test it. Finally, in the United States each Google Glass can check for yourself. This approach, unfortunately threatens the consumer version of Google goggles. It would be absurd if Google Kazalo beta testers to pay $ 1,500 for your own copy of Google Glass in May, while in June there would be a new iteration of glasses. It would work only in case if all Explorers (known colloquially as Google testers Glass) received the consumer version of the glasses for free. Especially that version of Google Glass intended for the broad market would cost around $ 300. You can once again see a spectacular presentation in the style of the prior two years …

Car rival CarPlay

Google really wants to compete with Apple. Wear The Android platform is a response to iWatch, while for grabs is the leadership in automotive technology. While Apple has already unveiled CarPlay, which means "iOS in the Car", Google still wonders whether a similar movement in their performance makes sense. Could "Android in the car" did not sound as catchy? Experts say unequivocally that the Google car will be unveiled in 2014, at the I / O makes the perfect moment out of hiding. It turns out that the Mountain View company would not have to do much to attract users and drag them towards Android. It would be enough simple phrase: "We have Google Maps". These are in fact considered the best among the available free on the market. The system is intended to offer a full synchronization module located in the car with your smartphone or tablet with Androide. Interestingly, it is suggested that the Google car will be available for both Android devices and iOS, which in the case of directed only at the Apple CarPlay makes it less friendly competitor.

Nest Project

A possible, but very unlikely option, a presentation by Google at I / O 2014 copyright management system electronic devices at home. Google already sells the Google Play Store Nest thermostat, which allows for more control over the environment in which we live. And although the Nest is sold only in the U.S., Canada and the UK, there is no technical objection, he would not work in other countries. Nest Project can be what Google will absorb the coming years.