If you ever get a rash and you'll occurred in the head which caused it, it keep in mind that the reason can be used by your iPad. As reported by the Journal of Pediatrics, nickel present in Apple's tablet may cause sensitization.

1st generation iPad, Apple photo

A group of doctors from San Diego, examined the 11-year-old boy who was taken to hospital with a rash all over the body. After many tests, including allergies, we found that the skin reacts badly to nickel. It was recommended, therefore, that the boy stopped using iPad (first generation) for six months, which confirmed that it was Apple's device was the cause of the unpleasant rash. As the total shut-off of such an important gadget was impossible, there was a recommendation that the boy used the cover iPad Smart Case, which – unlike the Smart Cover – fully protects against direct touching the metal chassis of the tablet. This idea turned out to be look no further – the rash stopped the boy scorch. This case is an additional argument in favor of Samsung hardware – due to the ubiquitous plastic at least one will be able to be sure – the absence of rash. Source: USAToday