Surface Mini. Awaited tablet on the market, as his time iPad Mini. While many people doubted that Apple will present a smaller tablet, it finally showed up on the sale. Similarly, in the case of devices with Microsoft's missing votes convincing that the launch will not happen, and yet the rumors about the device arrives. Corporation of Redmond did not made it clear that we will ever see this stuff, but in the next revolve terms of presentation of the tablet. Where did all this fuss?

Recently, in the second half of May, Microsoft held a premiere, during which he was to be shown Surface Mini. At least the media rozszyfrowały the information contained in the invitation circulated by the company. Finally, the corporation showed Surface'a Pro 3 is hardly the model for small, mobile tablet – far closer to a laptop. Again, questions have arisen about the small tablet: where the division of the product, which seemed to be an obvious point of the event Microsoft? Where is the equipment that the rumor comes from a good few quarters?

What awaited market

As already mentioned, widely understood market is not interested in the small tablet Microsoft shortly before the May presentation – is sufficient to recall that in the second half of 2013 a lot was said about it. Numerous Industry commentators have found that the line broadening of the Surface tablet with 8-inch screen seems a reasonable move. It was emphasized that this product can positively affect the interest of the entire family of tablets corporation in Redmond, improve sales and financial results of the same department responsible for implementation of this project. Why small Surface would enjoy taking?

iPad Mini with Retina screen - Microsoft is preparing for him a worthy rival? / Photo

There are several reasons (at least that case put / put people associated with the IT sector). Small Surface began to be positioned as a "mini iPad killer" – not on the first and probably not the last. In this case, however, emphasized that, apart from a good brand, niezłych components and satisfactory performance there would be an asset used by Apple screen with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The equipment would not, therefore, a machine to consume movies, but rather a device for reading. And taking notes. For Surface'a Mini stylus had to be added, and the whole thing would work as a great electronic notebook. What is expected to be on board? Reach for the information that came with us in September last year:
Microsoft Surface Mini to be equipped with a 7.5-inch display on which Windows RT 8.1 will be presented at a resolution of 1400 × 1050 pixels, which indicates the ratio of 4:3. Computing power will provide 4-core Snapdragon unit 800 with a maximum clock frequency of 2.3 GHz with Adreno 330 graphics chip Implementing result of that processor fast data transmission standard 4G/LTE, thanks to the integrated modem. Source

Attention is drawn to not only the already mentioned display with less recent common ratio of the parties, but also the processor and its ensuing system. Microsoft decided to ARM platform and version of Windows, which some users and experts believe a blind alley, a caricature of the operating system. Why corporation in Redmond chose (according to rumors), such a solution? This was probably dictated by the desire to achieve long battery life. It would not be equipment for advanced multi-tasking work, but a product designed primarily for reading, browsing the Web resources, taking notes. The market waited for the equipment, which would not be operated as a central unit connected to the keyboard and such a large screen, where the user would spend long hours in Office. It is not allocated to the operating computer. Witnessing this was the price – it was expected that it will be a positive stand Surface'a Mini to other devices in this series. It's hard not to resist the impression that the high price was one of the biggest disadvantages of Microsoft's tablet – do not claim that the equipment was not worth it (though no shortage of opinion that Microsoft simply przeszarżował), but the company was not able to convince people to draw portfolios and liner hundreds of dollars just for their product. YouTube Preview Image The new tablet was therefore quite a lot of change, and on many levels. He had, but somehow did not appear. Wieszczono his debut in the second half of 2013, then it was expected at the beginning of 2014, finally came to spring this year, and reports of the May company presentation. With the calls showed that the Mini finally see the light of day. Once again invoked its specifications, drew attention to the competition with the iPad mini, expressed hope that the Redmond giant does not overplay the price. And what? And again, nothing MS showed the tablet, but it was the professional Surface 3

The decision taken at the last minute

Prior to the May event, Microsoft invoked evidence of rumors about the imminent release of a small Surface'a. Commentators well informed of the doings of Microsoft argued that the work on this product are conducted, reports from component suppliers also indicated that Microsoft produces a small tablet, repeated even that has created tens of thousands of pieces of Mini. Are all these rumors were false? Probably not – shortly after the event there is information according to which the decision-makers Microsoft virtually at the last minute decided to suspend the described project. YouTube Preview Image decision made apparently Stephen Elop, who for some time, is responsible for Microsoft's mobile equipment. He was able to convince the CEO of Microsoft – Satya Nadella decided that the Mini will be unveiled in May. How can this be explained? There have been many versions explaining the controversial movement of both managers. Mentioned example of unwillingness to deterioration of relations with OEMs – the latter sharply criticized Microsoft, when he decided to enter the market of devices with line Surface and argued that it was breaking the current model of cooperation: one party provides hardware, software second. Business partners MS calmed down a little bit that the Surface is not sold and turned a blind eye to the actions of software vendors (for all intents and had no other choice). In the case of the Mini appeared, however, a risk that customers be interested in this product, and thus falls chance that you will buy the tablet from Asus or Acer. Why Microsoft wants right now to improve relations with their partners? As in recent quarters seriously changed the U.S. approach to the issue of corporate shill mobile market. Policymakers Microsoft finally realized that they fail to dominate the industry as it looked when the PC segment. It turned out that MS partners do not have to work with the player on the floodplain of mobile devices – there is competition from Google, which was able to convince your project. Redmond giant monopoly was broken, Windows Phone, despite several years of presence in the market was not able to get sufficiently large stake in the business.

Microsoft's (already) Lumie need the support of other manufacturers / photo

To compete with Android, Windows Phone should appear on more devices. Microsoft must do everything to manufacturers interested in the system and wanted to make smartphones with mobile windows. In this approach, the Americans actually have a reason to not annoy partners and do not have direct competitors. Given such a solution, however, you should ask yourself whether, if MS actually feared the reaction of the competition is there would be a branch of Nokia responsible for the production of mobile devices? After all, it's much more serious "sin" than the launch of a small tablet … One theme concerns the strengths Surface'a Mini: Stephen Elop feared that Microsoft's tablet does not have anything that dominant design it from the competition. And if there is a magnet for attracting customers, why put the device on the market? After all, you may end up a total dud and the Redmond corporation will once again be criticized by the media, analysts and shareholders. Makes sense? Would sound, if not for the fact that Microsoft has a few years stuck in this project and is constantly criticized for it (another thing, whether rightly collects for him thrashing). Small Surface probably would sell no worse than its bigger cousins, so I would bring shame the whole line. And if confirmed rumors regarding its specifications, the equipment would have to be proud of the competition.

Microsoft still can not break into the market with a line Surface / photo by Microsoft

replaceable is also the issue of problems with the availability of components. If Microsoft was not able to produce this equipment, it's actually better to postpone the premiere – at present the device, which in the near future will not hit the market? Here, however, there are some inconsistencies: First, Microsoft had already (according to rumors) prepared a batch of tablets. It was not too large (15-20 thousand. Pieces), but with its help you can check what interest would welcome a small Surface. Second, Elop and Nadella probably not heard the last moment, the company has problems with deliveries of components for production equipment – such a thing would have known long before the premiere, and the corporation does not zapraszałaby to the event in a way that indicated the presentation of a small tablet. The next and most logical version of events centered around platforms, which would be based on the model. Terms of both the processor and the operating system. According to rumors, Microsoft could change their mind and decided to launch a small tablet with Intel unit (after all, there are already strong and energy-efficient processors the company created for mobile equipment) and a full-fledged Windows. The rumors appeared as an option for the disposal of both versions (both with Windows and with Windows RT). At the same time it is speculated that Microsoft might want to equip a small tablet in a functional version of Office (talking about office productivity suite version Modern UI). Work on this recent progress and the final product will have to wait. How long? It's hard to say – the priority is rumored to pack for Android. But perhaps just a touch of the release of Office's come-awaited Surface Mini.

800 Snapdragon tablet with Windows RT 8.1 / Fig. Manufacturer

If the market goes small Surface with Intel platform, Microsoft will give a signal that it was withdrawing from Windows RT. There is no shortage of rumors, according to which the corporation is expecting to connect this system with Windows Phone and focus on two, not three versions of windows. The fact that delays in the creation of touch for Windows and Office's focus first on the package for Android provides, in turn, serious changes in the strategy of Microsoft. Small Surface must be in the system to wait for your turn. Proof that the industry has changed a lot in recent years and even the Redmond giant had to adapt to the turmoil. Time for a little summary. What we know about Surface Mini? For a matter of fact, nothing. I do not even know whether the corporation is working on this equipment, and whether to go with the end of the show, and then enter into sales. This is one of those products that would like to see on the market commentators sector and at the same time it is uncertain whether they do not end up the waiting list … However, since Microsoft has already said A and B, it might be time to say a C. It is difficult to determine whether it will be a miracle C or maybe C as total flop. We'll see. Or not … interest you article? See also other manic columns .
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