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This year's IFA will run from the fifth to the tenth of September this year. As always there will be a city famous Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, as well as a great zoo. It is also a city notorious for the band Big Cyc, who often sang about the capital of Germany. For five days the city turns into a cradle of mobile technology, which arrive in crowds from all over the world, and their new products represent the most important players in the roar. It was here four years ago made his first phablet family of Galaxy Note, improved Gaalxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) or autonomous lenses from Sony. And what can we expect this year? Who will surprise us the most, and who disappoint (because, after all, and it can happen). Here is a brief overview of new products, which we expect at IFA 2014.


Taiwanese have aspirations to be one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics with Windows on board. No wonder that at the fair, the new hybrid. Expect the presentation successor Aspire Switch 10, which will be equipped with a larger diagonal display, as well as more powerful components. It is not entirely clear if Acer decides to switch the name of the Aspire 11 Aspire Switch or 12 does not change the fact that it is worth waiting for this model – especially with Intel Core fourth generation.

Acer Aspire Switch 10 / fot. Manufacturer

Android continues to be of interest to policy makers Acer and therefore the second, and perhaps will be the last new Iconia A3-A20 – low cost tablet with a display diagonal of ten inches, aluminum casing and stereo speakers located throughout the back the panel. In other words, something for less demanding.


The Chinese group Informatics at every party technology provides us with a bit of news. Lenovo has a wide range, and is therefore every refresh, according to trend. It is certain that in Berlin issued will be improved Lenovo ThinkPad 8 with more powerful processor, more RAM, and a more comprehensive built-in memory for the user. The ideal choice for guests looking for an efficient unit in a compact design.

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 / fot. Lenovo

Debut looking forward to the third generation of Lenovo Miix, which appears in two variants. The first will be equipped with a display diagonal of eight inches, and the second will be dedicated to all looking for something with a larger display. The most interesting is going to be the heart of the two models – one for Intel Moorefield. Surely there will be a dedicated docking station. Lenovo also plans to surprise anyone interested in design Yoga. Is expected to debut since the second generation of Lenovo Yoga 2 Tablet. What is certain is that it will offer full mobility due to the built-in modem LTE, but we do not know which components can be expected. Hopefully much more efficient than in the enhanced Yoga Tablet 10 HD +.


Japanese company Sony may present one, but it is really interesting tablet – Sony Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact. This model is characterized by a display diagonal of eight inches, and a built-in modem LTE (optional). What's so interesting? A diagonal matrix is ​​not, so far as the word Sony were much larger.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet / photo.


Taiwanese your attention focused on the first of its range of Smart watch, but do not forget about all interested tabletowymi news. The last time the database GFXBench there are two proposals – ASUS K01B and K01E. These models will not shock the technical specification, and this means that at the time of market launch will be available at reasonable prices. The first one is a true colossus, as the system of green little robot will be presented on the display diagonal of 14.2 ". ASUS K01E that while the model with the matrix 9.4 ". Both models will be powered by a 4-core Snapdragon S4 Pro.

ASUS Fonepad 7 (ME372CL) / photo.

Perhaps ASUS also take their "toys" with June's Computex trade fair to present them to European customers, although most of these proposals is now available for purchase. Certainly would not count on the "coolest" hybrid with Windows on board, but who knows.


Alcatel is one of those manufacturers who works quietly and attacks like a crouching tiger. This year may show a really specific device – OneTouch Hero 8. This model is characterized by a display with an impressive resolution (WQHD) and eight inches diagonally. The heart of the MediaTek MT6595 will be while using eight cores and supports data transmission in LTE. For the graphics is to correspond to 3-gigabyte main memory RAM which will support GPU PowerVR Series6. What does want more from your tablet?

Alcatel One Touch Tab 8 / fot. Manufacturer


Another Japanese manufacturer wants to honor us with your presence and show their technological thought. Toshiba, because of her speech is supposed to present the second generation of tablet Toshiba Encore. It is possible that this will be one of the first models using the power latent in a 64-bit processor NVIDIA Tegra K1. Information about this device is really enough, and so it can be a real surprise for us.

Toshiba Excite Pro / photo. Manufacturer


Samsung had shot out of the news for a few months before the fair IFA in Berlin, Germany. For new tools pharmaceutical therefore would not count. What else if phabletów – it is certain that the presentation live to see the Samsung Gaalxy Note fourth generation. Koreans probably will want to also boast a smartphone with an aluminum frame – Galaxy Alpha – and the clock is running the Android Wear.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 S / photo. Samsung

It is also possible that we will see the next generation of prototype devices with beaded on the edge of the display device.


It is worth noting that more and more European events on the issue of technology companies from the Middle Kingdom, which, although not bring their models to our market, then praise their achievements.

And what you're expecting?