Motorola has long since given up the tablet market, but it seems that under China's IT group will return to this segment, and it's in pretty good style. We know that Lenovo products are very popular, which is why the company wants to reactivate the tablet with the letter M on the housing. What and when can we expect?

New Motorola logo / photo. Motorola Mobility

Service PhoneArena, which came into possession of exclusive information says that the device will premiere next year. The debut sales have at least three models – with a display diagonal of seven inches, eleven inches, as well as the diagonal of the display equal to 12.5 ". I must admit that the last two proposals, it's pretty custom diagonals, so could it be Motorola give priority to originality? Interestingly, the model with 7-inch display is currently in the testing phase, and is almost a sure thing, so that we learn that the computing power and efficient operation of the system provides 4-core Snapdragon 801, but in the model, which (if at all ) will debut on store shelves will visit the NVIDIA Tegra K1. At the moment it is not clear whether the question of variant uses four cores ARM Cortex-A15 or Motorola tempted to apply a dual-core (64-biotwego) variant, and thus use the latest version of Google Android. Source: PhoneArena