HTC in conjunction with Google has created and released to global markets flagship Nexus tablet 9, which, as befits a top model, provides all the best. However, the Taiwanese manufacturer is going to do something yourself and next year will debut their new device.

Google Nexus 9 / photo. Google

As reported by the latest reports from HTC, work on the new tablet has already started and we can probably expect a high-end device, but whether it will be able to threaten the latest nexus or iPadowi Air 2 turns only when we know even a fraction of the specification. Nexus 9 the first 3 years of the tablet, which released the HTC and appetite, which caused, certainly can go in favor of us, the users, because the experience you have acquired the creation of Google's flagship tablet can cause the upcoming device will be something special. Speculation can spin a lot, but it is best to wait patiently for the information that will most likely appear more frequently and reveal the upcoming tablet from HTC. What would you most pleased and encouraged to buy a device that will appear in the next year? Source: geeky-gadgets