The Christmas cleanup is the perfect time to get rid of old things lingering in the closets and make room for new ones. But how to get rid of unnecessary or broken electronic equipment, which can not be simply thrown away in the trash? The company proposes Overmax replace it with an attractive discount. Be eco and make a gift yourself or your loved ones!

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Action Overmax "Give tablet, gain 20% discount" is primarily aimed at promoting environmentally friendly behavior.
We want to enable our users to deliberate segregation of waste electronic equipment. Our proposal to exchange the old tablet at a discount is also possible to purchase any new equipment Overmax a much better price, which will certainly be useful especially before Christmas. With the choice of which provide clients – and they can choose among a wide range of smartphones, tablets, cameras and other mobile devices – everyone can find the perfect gift for yourself and for your loved ones. – Says Maciej Sip, Managing Director of Overmax Poland.

The main partners are the shares online store and retailer Komputronik .

Komputronik always a huge desire attaches to share the benefit of the client. And in this case is no different. Overmax prepared a great proposal, consisting of devotion to our network of showrooms used Overmax tablet, which results in the acquisition of a 20% discount on purchases of new smartphones or tablets of that brand. Komputronik is the only network that will handle this promotion. – Emphasizes Joanna Tobiszewska, Director of Marketing Komputronik

How to take part in the action?

Anyone in the period from 12 November 2014 to 31 January 2015 will give your used tablet Overmax will receive a 20% discount on the purchase of the products of this brand. Equipment – also damaged and broken – you can bring yourself to the indicated showroom Komputronik or register online at and send it by mail. Thus obtained with a discount voucher entitles you to purchase at a discount store .

Why take used electronics?

Please note that the electro, unlike other waste that goes to our garbage contain many harmful substances such as cadmium batteries contained in the equipment or bromine compounds computers. These substances, after escaping from the damaged equipment can lead to pollution. So we should not keep them at home, in the attic or in the basement, but we can not throw away any container. According to the Law on Waste electrical and electronic equipment, any device marked with the crossed out trash, subject to the obligation of the collection, recovery and recycling, so we can recover a lot of materials for reuse in the future. Storage of used equipment is not only non-organic, but unnecessarily occupies space in the closet. Such actions, such as "Give tablet, gain 20% discount" to quickly and easily solve both issues. Detailed rules and a list of stores Komputronik, participating in the action are available at .

About the brand Overmax

Brand Overmax was created specifically for consumer electronics products. The initial area of ​​activity of the company were mainly Western European countries. In 2006, the headquarters was transferred to the Polish, and the company specialized in mobile electronics products. Overmax brand products are of high quality, interesting and modern design and innovative technology. In Poland Overmax products are mainly distributed through specialized retail chains throughout the country, which guarantees safe shopping advice from specialist staff and a large range of products from Overmax. Currently branded products are sold Overmax in several European countries, .: in the Czech Republic, Estonia, the Netherlands, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia and Hungary.