… Or to any country in which it operates Black Friday. "Black Friday" on our own, in the US the common name of the day after Thanksgiving Day. Then start sales before Christmas. In Romania, where I live for some time, Black Friday becomes a form of a national holiday, because I hear about him more than two months, and strategies and goals for purchasing a subject of many a debate among my friends. My university canceled classes tomorrow, even though officially it through the upcoming elections on Sunday – as if it were in some way related. I do not see the reason why Black Friday in Romania is two weeks earlier than in the US – but every day is a good one to save.

Black Friday / photo. Wikipedia

And there is something to fight. I know that you all the people who will spend tonight in the queue in front of supermarkets, drinking tea from a thermos, know it all employers, which half of the workers will tomorrow L4, they know it too in the end those who will set to kilometric queues with the dream tablet and phones – some repricing date back up to 70%! In Romania, there are two large chain stores with electronics – Altex and Media Galaxy. Both have prepared an offer for tomorrow. You have to remember that some of the equipment is already at the beginning of a lot more expensive than in Poland, which means that even after the reduction of the price is sensational for us, but you can find some really good deals. Starting from the cheapest tablet with Android – Myria Sprint JK710 for 149zł by 8-inch Allview Viva D8, cheaper by almost 220 PLN, ending with the Dell Venue Pro 8 cheaper for 1300zł. I personally plan to hunt for a tablet with Windows 8.1 Allview impera i8, tomorrow cheaper for 350 PLN. 8 inches and Office 365 subscription per year for $ 500? I take! The reductions apply to everything – I found the most interesting offers for photo lovers – Canon EOS 600d cheaper by almost 1800zł or Nikon D5300, which will save 1700zł. Cheapest laptop with a Celeron or buy for the price 799zł quite strongly limited the HP Stream 11. Do not be disappointed if the fans televisions refrigerators – some of the equipment we buy for 2000 PLN cheaper. The scale of markdowns really impressive. And yes, clothes and jewelry also is overestimated, which will make your girls and wife will not be bored here, wallets, moreover, too.

Black Friday in the US / photo. Wikipedia

If he is not zdążycie to visit me tomorrow, shop around for interesting offers in other countries where you can buy equipment over the Internet. In the US BestBuy you can buy Microsoft Surface 2 32gb for $ 299 (save $ 150), a similar reduction is also announced on the Surface 3. offers shops can be seen here: Altex and Media Galaxy [CST_5 ]. Prices are actually in US dollars, the ratio of our Romanian currency is almost 1: 1.