There is no doubt that the US company Intel PC market is a key manufacturer and supplier of processors. It is no different with the market hybrids and tablets running on Windows. Unfortunately it is not so colorful in the case of devices with Androdiem on board, because here are led by Qualcomm and MediaTek. According to the latest reports, their position in a short time can be strengthened, and Intel may lose a lot and at the same time gain.

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According to an analyst with Morgan Stanley agencies in the near future, namely in 2015, Intel decides not to subsidize manufacturers of mobile devices, which are used for their processors. Intel returns average $ 51 for each copy. Intel's strategy in the last year has brought the company a loss of three billion US dollars, and this year could be even worse, since Intel can expect a loss at four billion. I do not have to write that these incredibly high amounts, Intel could be spent on the development of new technologies and the improvement of mobile units. Sorry described above decision will affect the final price of products running under Google's Android and Windows, and therefore consumers will start looking around for cheaper proposals, in which the host as efficient SoC systems from companies such as: Rockchip, MediaTek or Qualcomm, not forgetting the NVIDIA.