The end of year is a good time to take stock of twelve months, analysis, and also to remind the most important events and premieres. On the tablet market demonstrates that almost bigger sensation. Almost, because several of this year's premier surprise. Below you will find a summary of our tabletManiaKalne 2014. If according to you, any of the important events escaped our attention, let me know in the comments.

Withdrawal from the market some manufacturers of laptops, tablets, and for hybrid devices

He chose Arek Morawski

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro / pic. Flickr by Maurizio Pesce

The most important thing in the world always happen in silence. Therefore, you probably noticed a few of the "disappearance" of some brands of laptop market. Last year, I wanted to buy a laptop Samsung and found it virtually impossible … the most interesting models were available only on sales. With a simple reason – Samsung changes the strategy and puts on the market tablets and hybrid devices. And what's interesting – these videos are many. This is an important sign of the coming years – I do not think tablets will eventually replace laptops, such as the latter never replaced (and rather not do) desktop computers. However, it shows that the market has become the most important for the producers, and on which we can expect the market to be the most exciting competition. Hopefully it will end up with good results for clients.

2GB of RAM in Apple tablet

He chose Bogusław Rosa

Air iPad 2 / photo.

Memory RAM for virtually any tablet user is very important, especially when you are choosing your Android device. For users of Apple devices was not a problem, they get 1GB of RAM – but the manufacturer has prepared something extra. 2GB of RAM may sound a bit ridiculous in the face of today's world, but the optimal control of the bitten apple tablet up enough over it. By using just twice the amount compared to the older generation, their latest iPad Air 2 (our test manic Air iPad 2) allows the parallel work in two applications and is very efficient in all conditions. As you can see the development of technology and the desire to innovate if attracted in 2014 to use the new solutions, but we are in no way interferes.

Prime Minister Kindle Voyage

He chose Bogusław Rosa

Amazon Kindle Voyage / photo. Amazon

Among all kinds of tablets has to find a place for readers and e-books, and one of the most well-known and in fact, the best is the Kindle Voyage, which premiered over 2014 years. Voyage Kindle has a 6-inch touchscreen display with adaptive lighting, which can also be set according to your preferences to the desired level. The novelty compared to the previous model, there are two buttons on the side of the device that allow you to change the page without having to move your finger across the screen. Let's face it, that everyone who uses e-book reader has, or wondered what the Kindle, and Voyage is one of the best among the currently available devices.

The first tablet with Firefox OS

He chose Bogusław Rosa

Currently in the market we can find several leading operating systems, and the smaller but equally interesting offers? At the beginning of the year a lot of talk of a new Firefox OS environment based on HTML5. The tablet is equipped with a capacious battery (7000 mAh), and due to the use of inexpensive Allwinner A31 processor with 1.0 GHz clock frequency, could prove to be very robust unit for very little money. But fate made the hearing of the tablet with Firefox missing what did not address the expected success, but maybe it's better – sometimes better to avoid disappointment.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact

He chose Bogusław Rosa

Sony Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact / photo.

On the pages tabletManiaKa could just read the test tablet – Sony Xperia test Z3 Compact Tablet, which we could not forget to create a summary of 2014 years. This 8-inch tablet is a device that is able to satisfy almost everyone. It is interesting from the moment you look at the building, and ending with the built-in LTE modem. The balance between the price and the parameters are appropriate, and in addition it is resistant to flooding. Components provide the best performance and 4500 mAh battery so you do not have so much to worry about where you leave the charger. All this combined with Smart Connect solutions make it one of the best tablets that saw the light of day this year.

Shaun cheap tablet with Windows

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Allview Wi8G

Year 2014, which will soon become a thing of the past, brought us a multitude of devices with Windows 8.1 on board, that tempt not only the system, but also a very attractive price. The cheapest you can buy the device even for 100 gold, and the cost of the tablet is quite good already around 400 to 600 dollars. Very often we get then also subscribe to Office 365, and a large amount of space in the cloud OneDrive, and most importantly, get a device that will work perfectly with our personal computer, which usually also has a system of Microsoft. Very well, that the mobile markets appear cheaper alternative of expensive devices with the latest operating systems, because this allows us to check whether the solutions fully satisfy us, without spending a lot of money. Let us hope that the coming year will not be any worse in terms of affordable tablets.

Nokia N1 premiere – the first Android tablet from Nokia

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Nokia N1 / photo. Nokia

At one time, Maciek wrote a column whose title perfectly reflects what we have seen in recent times. Pride Finnish legend was trampled, but it was not a funeral, but only the end of a chapter, as evidenced by the November premiere Nokia N1 – Tablet operating under the control of Android. And not just any, because in the latest version 5.0 Lollipop. That is something no one expected, and certainly could not expect Microsoft, which deliberately got rid of everyone, even the slightest trace of the Finnish company of his estate. Fortunately, there are still people in this world dedicated to their passion, or if you prefer fanatics who are not allowed to forget about the existence of such a unique brand.

Prime Minister Jolla Tablet – the first tablet with OS Jolla

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Jolla Tablet / photo. Jolla

The day after the official presentation of the tablet Nokia N1 consecutive seen the light of day, a unique device for which they stand Finns. In this case, however, proved to be invaluable assistance of all concerned, since the finalization of the project was needed at least $ 380,000. Both the idea and the amount seemed at first quite abstract, but after the 21-day collection at IndieGoGo found that 480 percent Jolla took the intended amount, or $ 1,824,055, for which he deserves applause. However, this is not the end of the story, because by collecting such a large amount, the manufacturer promised retrofitted tablet screen sharing feature, as well as something that ran on board Nokia N1, namely the microSD card slot. By the way, I wish we did not manage to earn a two and a half million dollars, because then the buyer would get the device with built-in 3.5G modem. It is undoubtedly a unique event in the industry. After all, not every day a little common company wins so much interest from fans of the mobile technology market.

Prime Minister Qualcomm reference tablet – the first tablet with Snapdragon system 810

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

After this, in April this year, Qualcomm presented 64-bit processor dedicated to mobile devices were almost certain that the first smartphones and tablets powered by Snapdragon 810 we see only in the first half of 2015 which pointed to the launch at CES 2015 in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. It turned out that nothing could be more wrong, because at the end of November, the US giant SoC unveiled the world's first tablet that uses the extraordinary CPU power in Snapdragonie 810, which is supported by 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4. If that was not enough of a reference tablet Qualcomm is also the world's first 10-calowcem equipped with a display showing the image in 4K resolution, so it could not miss in this statement. Interested remember that the execution of orders has already begun.

Prime Minister NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet – Tablet for players with genuine

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Tablet Cover SHIELD / photo.

Almost from the beginning of their manufacture tablets are going to tell us, the consumer, the tablet is the perfect device for both work and entertainment. As most of the world, there are three types of truth, the marketing babble qualify to the third kind, and actually classify, since July of this year was presented NVIDIA SHIELD TABLET, which without a doubt has just been created to appeal to gamers. And this is not only due to efficient components, but most of all wireless controller and entertainment features to the highest level. One of these is the GRID, which allows streamed gaming PCs. For enthusiasts are also exclusive titles.

Google Nexus Prime Minister 9 – the first tablet with 64-bit NVIDIA SoC

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Google Nexus 9 is the world's first device powered by a 64-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 codenamed Denver, which is based on the NVIDIA Kepler architecture, the world's first tablet that works through the Android version 5.0 Lollipop, the world's first tablet BoomSound with the speakers, the first since time immemorial Tablet HTC Taiwanese production company and one of the few tablets with camera with LED Illuminates. No-one should challenge the presence of the latest tablet signed between the Google logo in the statement of the Prime Minister and the most important technological developments in 2014.

Prime Minister Samsung Galaxy Tab S – back AMOLED Tablet dies

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 and 10.5 S, fot.

South Korean company Samsung told us to wait almost three years to re-enter the tablet some of the best in the history of matrices mobile devices – AMOLED, which are characterized by extremely realistic color reproduction, vivid colors and good contrast. The premiere of a new family of Galaxy Tab Tablet S (S Galaxy Tab 8.4 and Galaxy Tab S 10.5) is not only a new matrix, but primarily an indicator of quality and outstanding performance in a slim closed and stylish design. The company has decided to offer customers the best technology, which until now had only to look at the Galaxy S series smartphones running under Google's Android. It is simply the crème de la crème.

Google Play Gift Cards and Payments in Poland Operator

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

There's no denying that the Polish by many is the treatment, as the country of the third category. When western neighbors could no longer freely use Google Play gift cards, Polish consumers could only dream about them, and rely on their imminent introduction. It was only in July 2014, Google announced the introduction of the Polish easiest way to make a purchase applications. Undoubtedly, it is a nod to a younger clientele, which does not have a credit card, or people who want to not necessarily share her number. Another, yet equally convenient form of payment for the software and multimedia available on Google Play, it is also possible to add to the bill. And although this is available in Poland since 2013, it was not until this year, all local operators decided to launch it – the greatest difficulty was with the Orange.

Prime Minister Xiaomi Mi Pad

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Xiaomi wkupiło well this year in the heart component manufacturers, especially one -NVIDII, because it is thanks to this company, Xiaomi Mi Pad found in the Summary of major launches and events in 2014. Xiaomi Mi Pad is the first tablet that uses efficient (version 4-core) processor NVIDIA Tegra K1. However, this proposal is not the only advantage of the Middle Kingdom, as the tablet eye-catching look, the other components, as well as outstanding ratio of price to the implemented components. Xiaomi position from year to year is strengthened, which demonstrates the good policies and high interest from potential buyers, not only from the Middle Kingdom.

Venus 8 premiere Dell 7000 with three cameras and Intel technology

He chose: Paul Gajkowski

Dell Venue 8 7000 / photo. SlashGear

Two US companies (Dell and Intel) decided to join forces together and created something beautiful and very interesting – the tablet using three cameras and proprietary technology from Intel – RealSense, making it possible to shoot images with visible depth. The advantage of the three cameras is also possible to sharpen the subject in the shooting. But this is not the end, was used as the Intel Atom Z3500 (Moorefield). Dell Venus 8 7000 is also the thinnest tablet in the world, because of its slim body measures just six millimeters.