Yes, that's exactly five years ago, the late Steve Jobs, presented to the world the first iPad. As I still remember that this place has become an object of ridicule ("oversized iPhone") and numerous memes, as always, Apple accused of a lack of innovation, but also became the object of desire of a number of people around the world. I am convinced that no one was unaware of how much the iPad will affect our lives.

So he presented the first iPad / photo. Apple

Actually, the title sentence is untrue – iPad has revolutionized the market, he created it. Many companies previously attempted to create tablets, but none managed to convince users that the tablet is something you need. What caused his success? The fact that he worked with the system optimized for touch screens that applications are designed to work on large devices, as well as the fact that the battery allow up to 10 hours of continuous operation. Interestingly do you compare the specifications of the first and the latest iPad:
  • 13mm vs. 6.1mm thickness
  • 132ppi vs. 264ppi – pixels per inch
  • Vs. 1GHz single-core processor processor with three cores, 1.5GHz
  • 256MB RAM vs 2GB RAM

I am convinced that Steve Jobs presenting the new device, he did not know what a revolution it will – saying that the iPad has forced changes mainly in the competition, eg. By forcing Microsoft to design the new interface of Windows desktop and allowed to Samsung strengthen at the top mobile device manufacturers. In fifth birthday, we wish iPadowi further such years full of success. Source: PhoneArena