Market processors for mobile devices constantly changing rapidly – currently on top of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with its today no one remembers leader a few years ago – Texas Instruments. This shows just how easy it is to knock to the top in this field, and how quickly it can fall. Another attempt to take the Chinese MediaTek today, who presented two new chips for tablets.

Company logo / photo. Wikipedia CC 2.0

systems are marked MT8163 and MT8736 codes. Both are 64-bit units, both also will have four cores. The first one is designed for devices with Wi-Fi only. MediaTek says that the processor reaches over 30,000 points in the benchmark Antutu. To support Android 5.1, h.265 video coding, GPS, WiFi and said bluetooth connectivity, as well as screens for Full HD – all for only $ 5, because so many wishes for the system MediaTek. The second, MT8736 to be 20 percent faster, whilst receiving 10 percent less energy. In addition to these features, is also support high-resolution cameras, connectivity LTE and WCDMA and GSM. Both systems have a rather hit to cheaper devices. Despite the growing competition the company does not give up and constantly introduces new products – perhaps we are witnessing the birth of a new market leader. Source: PhoneArena