On the Polish market there are many tablets that tempt primarily prices. Very often they have little to offer, and their use is narrow and confined to consume content from the Internet. Me for such inventions can not afford.

Tablet (private) had only one – won in the competition. It was quite a few years ago, and the equipment at that time was sufficient to watch a movie, play a simple titles and browsing the Internet. Very handy to me while working abroad, where I had no access to television and other means of communication. Now buying a cheap tablet binds to an expense of about 200 zlotys. For one is not enough, for another 1/6 payout (lowest national), and therefore a lot. At this price, you can take possession of the device with a screen diagonal 7 ", generating an image in low resolution, 512 MB RAM, processor consisting of two cores and Google Android 4.4 KitKat. Are you really happy with its functionality? Is it a necessary product in the household? Definitely not, at least according to me. I can not afford to spend senselessly because the money they earn. Buying low-budget tablet can quickly bounce backfire and reveal the bitterness that will discourage this type of electronics and almost'm sure that once again did not decide on the tablet. Of course you can buy a cheap tablet, but only to a very basic application – I described it in one of the texts in the pages of the site tabletManiaK.pl. If you are interested in equipment that will allow for smooth operation of Android, or Windows should look around for proposals mid-range, which starts from 600 zlotys for models with the system from Google and from about 500 US Dollars for variants of Microsoft's system. It is already three times quoted several times the amount of (199 zł). You may, however, require much more. With ubiquitous promotions will be able to calmly look for equipment with 2 GB of RAM, the four-processor cores based on ARM architecture than the newer Cortex-A7, which is (in these times) only energy-efficient – high-performance, you can forget it. Of course, the screens on these devices generally will generate an image resolution of up to 1280 x 800 pixels, but you can and find on proposals from FHD or WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixels). Such tablet will serve you much longer and check out both when browsing the Internet, watching video, as well as during games – even more demanding. It is also a good choice for children starting out with a tablet. Do not be deceived producers who want to push you under the guise of obsolete components of the tablet for the child. I do not know how your children, but I autopsy I know that my son derived no joy from the use of the tablet, which he had shortness of breath even during less demanding applications. Tablet for children is not just a simple game, but also dedicated applications that teach through play. Both we and the children at the tablet we have to relax and not to raise his pressure due to long application by reading or slowdowns during daily use. Take this into consideration before you put the cart in the supermarket tablet at a great promotion.