Presentation of the latest tablets Krüger & Matz led me to a short reflection on the Polish market of tablets and development of these devices – and this in recent times is strongly noticeable. I do not mean here the implemented components, because they largely depend on the device class and manufacturer's approach to the topic, and more quality, the materials used to manufacture the casing and appearance.

A few years ago the company of the Vistula River offered us tablets of average quality. Some right out of the box creaked mercilessly and were misaligned. Times have changed. The first tablet Elegance series to Zanetti brand Kiano shown that you can offer the customer a relatively cheap and very well-made equipment.

Kiano Intelect 8 3G MS / photo.

After experimenting with brushed aluminum tablet came time line Intelect that look surpass many a model respected manufacturer. Kiano decided to combine fiberglass with metal fittings. I agree with manufacturer with regard to determining the appearance of these devices – it is a symbol of beauty. Of course, along the way there were a few more or less smart devices from different manufacturers – with metal back panel or metal body – for me, but a symbol of the changes in the "Polish production" was and still is the Elegance series to Zanetti. Now is the time to Krüger & Matz – Polish brand belonging to the company Lechpol – that presenting EDGE EDGE 1161 and 1160 drew handfuls of inspiration from the best in the industry. I refer to Microsoft, to which we owe Surface tablet series. Krüger & Matz showed his class by giving into the hands of potential customers equipment with its original appearance, which is against Polish brands stand out and by the way leaves the competition behind. It was not long ago in Poland release tablet, impressing appearance. EDGE EDGE 1161 and 1160 two new, but the offer Krüger & Matz is richer. Just a quick glance to the test by our copy Eagle 975 – elegant matte casing made of metal and well-chosen colors make up the tablet, which resembles those of high-end products. And yet it costs less than 750 dollars. It's just that we can not forget about one very important issue – Polish brands procure the equipment in China. This is where the mind goes beyond technological standards, and designers puzzled out how to attract the consumer. It is thanks to them we have in Poland such models.

Hisense Magic Mirror / photo.

Not so long ago I wrote about Hisense Magic Mirror, which in the international arena thanks to its insane design can win the hearts of many customers. Display with a diagonal 8.4 "almost devoid of frames, only 3.4 millimeters thick at its thinnest point and low weight (280 grams). It's most important assets of the Chinese proposal, which I hope, soon will debut under a Polish name. Another example of a tablet that goes beyond the standard gray plastic and oklepanego design is even ONDA V919 Air – the tablet made of metal in gold. On the front panel has been used black borders around the display. This procedure meant that the tablet at a blank screen if the spill had a display of edge-to-edge (edge ​​to edge). Slim design looks very interesting. It is evident that despite the stagnation in the market, Polish brands from year to year offer us better made and more elegant device. In part, probably because, and it is now more demanding, and even competition in China is not idle. We can just enjoy. Keep it up!