The European Parliament voted on the abolition of roaming charges in the European Union countries. What does this mean for users of mobile and tablet?

Being on foreign tours, business trips or regular trips to many people suffer one hardship, regardless of their location. These are high stakes for roaming charges. Nowadays the phone and the tablet is properly handheld computers for everything (ringing, doing things, moving around the city or surfing the Internet). To put it bluntly – useful in any situation. Departures increase the service life of handsets several times. A very small size of the tablets are invaluable when it comes to their ability and the amount of occupied space in your suitcase. Most of the latter module is a 3G or LTE. In addition, during trips always increases the number of calls, text messages and time spent on the rapid and reusable connecting to the network. Therefore, there are more bills for use of the invaluable benefits of communication tools. That's all, however, will change in two years. Recently, the European Parliament held an important vote on the package of regulations related to telecommunications. The EP adopted that from 15 June 2017 years will be abolished roaming charges. It will therefore not need to pay for calls, sending text messages and downloading and uploading phones in the EU. At least no more than in a country with which there is agreement on the card or subscription. The European Union is currently paying 31 cents for a single text message. Minute call costs 97 cents, and 1 MB of data will cost 1.02 dollars. Moreover, on 30 April 2016 roaming charges will be reduced by 0.05 euros per minute per call and per 1 MB of data and 0.02 euros per SMS. The first rumors about the free roaming mentioned already in the past year. Source: the European Parliament