Who is not interested in the Polish political scene may not know that in 2012 the Polish Sejm Chancellery Members tablets purchased for $ 1.5 million. The new term expenditure will be retried.

Rzeczpospolita reports that the old equipment will be available for redemption for existing users, even if they are not already in the Sejm. For single tablet that person will have to take out of your pocket 330 gold, and almost 10 times less than the official price was on the shelves at the time of purchase. At the moment, the redemption of tablets declared more than 90% of Polish MEPs. The rest of the tablets is likely going to be destroyed under the care of security. One of the deputies believe that it is usually thrown money down the drain. Law and Justice deputy Maks Kraczkowski said that "It is better to give tablets to orphanages, and if you do not allow this procedure, leave them in the reading room of the parliamentary library." Disposal of such devices is one of the problems that have so far not found a clear answer. Source: Republic