It turns out that regardless of where in the world where research is carried out, analysts observe loss of interest in tablets. Their sales in Australia fell by as much as 16%.

We are looking for manufacturers looking mostly to the United States. When we talk about declines in sales we refer to most often on the results of European markets. You could say that nobody will be interested in the Australian tablet sales, but even they affirm that what we have written many times in the pages of our sites. According to research conducted by Telsyte, in the first half of this year, sales of tablet PCs in Australia fell by 16%. The reason for this was the appearance of other hybrid devices two-in-one with a reasonable quality for the money. On the other hand, in the previous year, sales of tablets in that country fell by 20 percent. The driving is still Apple with 48% percent share of the Australian market. Slightly less they have a tablet with Android – 38%. The third player is the device with Windows on board with a score of 14%. This information is further evidence of the decline in interest in tablets not only in Europe, the USA, but also on the opposite side of the globe. At the same time, these studies show similar preferences of users with respect to selecting devices, regardless of where they live. Source: Computerworld