Scientists are getting closer to construct an interesting tool, which is a tablet that looks a la Kindle, but displaying Braille. It would be a great solution for people who are blind.

At the moment, blind people can use the special Monitors prepared for displaying Braille. Such equipment is quite an expense, which allow only a few can afford. Perhaps, however, the trend of expensive equipment for the blind will be a strong change. Researchers at the University of Michigan are already working on a device that its structure is a reminder solution from Amazon – the Kindle. The equipment would use liquid or air to the surface of the tablet to create palpable through his fingers patterns. Current use Braille displays have a plastic mini-needle, which in due time for yourself stand out and hide, so as to create more letters of the alphabet in Braille. The problem with this type of equipment is another one – they show only one line of text, which in turn does not allow for wide leeway. In this case, displaying a chart or other statement remains a dream. In turn, this tablet would be extraordinary device, as it would allow visually impaired people to develop the ability to access different types of content. The price of such devices would be clarified at around 700 pounds, or about 4,000 zlotys at the current rate. It remains to keep our fingers crossed for the success of research and scientific endeavors to improve new solutions. Source: Fox News