Amazon has prepared a "critical" update for its readers. Members have until March 22, so you might want to hurry. What it is, however, exactly mean?

Kindle e-book reader, which every day uses a lot of people in our country. The device itself has a great operation and frequent software updates, which only enhance its functionality. However, if you own the older models, namely those of 2012 and older is worth quickly learn the news about the update, which is required by Amazon. Irrespective of the actual amount of time devoted to the use of the equipment should be installed because otherwise we will not be able to later take advantage of some of the functions available on the reader. Sam update fixes a number of security problems and secure Internet transmission with the reader. If you do not choose to install the update, you will not be able to connect to the Internet using a Kindle. This is definitely bad news for people who buy books often with the option of shipping to the reader. Sam send publications by cable, but sometimes I also use another way to transfer multimedia. Most of the time all the updates available on the Kindle are optional, but the first time we are dealing with a situation where the same Amazon believes that a new update is "critical." On their official website Amazon really does not give a specific reason why somehow forces users to install. In a sense, this is an interesting strategy of forcing an update, but it happens for a reason. Those who do not upload new software to March 22 of this year may meet with the message that the Kindle is unable to connect to the network. The device will still have recommended that we find within range of a Wi-Fi network and try again. Nothing, however, can not. Neither approach closer to the router or restart the device to reboot. Our reader has lost the ability to connect to the Internet.

The list of models that need to be updated:

  • Kindle 1st Generation (2007)
  • Kindle 2nd Generation (2009)
  • Kindle DX 2nd Generation (2009)
  • Kindle Keyboard 3rd Generation (2010)
  • Kindle 4th Generation (2011)
  • Kindle 5th Generation (2012)
  • Kindle Touch 4th Generation (2011)
  • Kindle Paperwhite 5th Generation (2012)

To update the equipment, go to Amazon's dedicated website , where you can find more information about the how to upload new programming. Almost everything is limited to connecting the reader with a USB cable and execute the instructions shown on the screen one after the other. All those who forget the renovation will have a chance again to solve the problem. After March 22 it is sufficient that is connected by a cable and try to connect to Amazon's servers. Despite the problems the manufacturer ensures that we should be able to update the reader and enjoy your new software. As you can see, all is not lost.