The new software update released by Apple may cause problems with older devices. Some of them displays an error not allowing activation. We advise how to fix it.

A few older devices from the Apple stable encountered quite original problem when trying to update them to the latest software version – iOS 9.3. Facilities could not be activated and running the system. Apple officially confirmed this information and has provided a solution that will help to deal with that I have a problem. This does not mean, however, that the problem lies purely in software – they are also guilty of obsolete components. The Cupertino company has decided, however, to release a quick patch labeled build 12E236, which is designed for iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and the same model with an additional modem. So what to do to eliminate once and for all the problem? If you have older devices with apple logo and update was successful, then there is nothing to worry about. After all, iTunes will ask you if you install additional on the next update, it's worth doing. Not only iPad 2 currently suffering due to error activation. Users worldwide report difficulty with other devices. To deal with the problem simply open iTunes and connect the equipment to the computer via cable. Itunes should inform himself about the update, and if you do not do this from the dedicated website you can download the firmware file , which will be used to upgrade. After a while, the new software should be easily installed on the device, freeing him forever from the problem. But it is worth considering whether you really want to have the latest system or prefer to stick with his earlier release labeled 9.2.1. Apple after the update does not allow a return to an earlier version of the software. This is not the first time that Apple is struggling with problems with the software. It remains to be hoped that the Cupertino company will pay more attention to older appliances, so that the error could not be repeated again.