Panasonic has introduced a set of services called COMPASS (Complete Android and Security Services), through which users enhanced Toughpad tablets will be able to customize the Android system to meet your needs.

Panasonic COMPASS is a set of services that provide business users secure deployment and management of devices reinforced Toughpad Android. The solution allows companies to tailor the system to their needs, providing access to additional applications, security and management options. COMPASS possibilities are available for all models equipped with the Toughpad Android.

Already, the company decide to implement Panasonic tablets based on Android have a number of configuration options devices depending on their needs. Despite the advantages of Android, such as high flexibility, the ability to customize the system and low cost of implementation, concerns still raise the issue of security and management. With COMPASS services we can offer our customers a fully flexible system with proven business applications, management functions and safety systems.

– Jan Kaempfer, General Manager Marketing at Panasonic Computer Product Solutions Businesses benefiting from the Toughpad devices running Android COMPASS offers five basic services:

  • COMPASS Custom – the ability to customize the Android operating system to the requirements of the company. The solution allows you to configure the interface according to the user's requirements, install additional applications and determine the appearance of the home screen with the logo of the company. In addition, it is possible to extend battery life and signal gain.
  • COMPASS Air – consists of FOTA, Advanced FOTA and management services SCOMO. FOTA – free firmware update (Firmware updates Over The Air) via Wi-Fi or mobile, without having to connect the device to a PC. These include: system updates and applications (such as Chrome or additional client application if they are in the system partition), security patches and drivers. Advanced FOTA – tool for managing software updates. Advanced FOTA enables organizations to manage the operations of FOTA (allows for example to decide what principles and when they will be implemented system updates), and provides the ability to remotely manage mobile devices employees MDM (Mobile Devices Management) and their resources. SCOMO (Software Component Management Object) – function this, part of the Advanced FOTA, allows companies to manage software on the remote device, to decide through a cellular network installation, uninstallation, activation or deactivation of software components.
  • COMPASS Manager – includes a system for managing mobile devices EEM (Enterprise Mobility Management), certificates, licenses and applications MDM. Panasonic Android Tablets are certified by leading EMM. The advantage of this certification is the ability to optimize the application and access to a special edition of the MDM application. The devices can also contain pre-installed options EMM, which facilitates the implementation of the solution in the company.
  • COMPASS for Work – allows you to use Android for Work, which enables the separation of application of professional personal. As a result, IT administrators can control mobile devices and the security of corporate data, without having any access to private applications, e-mails or photos a user.
  • COMPASS Security – external solution providers in the field of security, certified by Panasonic. On request, all models of Panasonic Android can be equipped with additional security solutions that provide greater access control and configuration of security policies and data access for different user groups. The solution also allows IT administrators to exclusive management of certain applications, and define the external interfaces, such as micro-USB and Bluetooth.

Panasonic COMPASS is available from authorized distributors of Panasonic 6 October 2016 year. For more information on professional laptops and tablet Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad can be found on this page . Source: press release