Poland Navitel company announced that it will soon enter the market tablets. The first device of this kind we see at the beginning of 2017.

After a car and a motorcycle PND devices, and a series of wideorejestratorów, the time came for tablets, which will be preinstalled full advantage map of Polish and Europe, so that the customer receives a de facto seven-inch navigation and multimedia device in one.

Always I emphasized that Navitel is not only a brand of innovative, but visionary. While most manufacturers withdraws cancer segment tablet, after ceased to be a gold mine, we go ahead and enter him. We have an idea for a combination of multimedia features offered by Android tablet with the functionality of navigation, which is achieved with the help of a large screen and siedmiocalowego proprietary navigation software Navitel Navigator. In addition to the huge number of applications of such a device, which can confidently be described as all-in-one pleasant surprise for the customer will also be accessible price on the shelf.

– Tobias Jankowski, CEO Navitel Europe first tablet with Navitel logo will appear in Q1 2017. The company did not disclose the full specification, but it is known that it will work on Android 5.1 and had seven-inch display. On board the device does not run out of modern communication modules and course packet lifetime updated maps of Polish and Europe. Included you will find a dedicated bracket for attaching the windshield and a power adapter and car. Price remains unknown. Source: press release