Launched a new promotion in Gearbest. Disclosed discounts tablet Xiaomi, Teclast and CHUWI, but can also be cheaper to buy and other devices – smartphones, drones and laptops.

After last week's "Black Friday" in Gearbest, today launched a new promotion: overestimated dozens of devices, including smartphones, drones, laptops and tablets. Of course we are primarily interested in the latter. The most interesting proposals seem Xiaomi, Teclast and CHUWI. Let's start with the tablet, which raises perhaps the greatest sympathy tabletManiaKów: Xiaomi Mi Pad 2. The promotion is available unusual edition, he sold with Windows 10 and 64 GB of memory. Asking Price device is almost 230 USD, but with the coupon 11MiPad2 will be charged a discount of about $ 16, which will allow purchase the tablet for about 214 USD . On the Polish Allegro will buy Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 in a similar configuration, priced at about 1000 zł. The offer Gearbest is also overestimated, the standard edition of Android and 16 GB of memory, for about $ 170 – here, none of us found the codes did not allow for further price reduction.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 / fot. XiaoMi

XiaoMi Mi Pad 2 / fot. Xiaomi

Another suggestion is a tablet that is already tested for you: Teclast Tbook 16 Pro. You had the opportunity to know our opinion about whether you may be tempted on this equipment, so now only add that the tablet is priced currently at 262 USD (258 USD code GBTPC), while equipped with a more powerful processor Teclast X16 Pro was overpriced at $ 243 and this package comes dedicated keyboard (just add the tablet to a cart for the duration of the promotion). Finally, it is worth to mention two proposals brand CHUWI. Gearbest promotes now hybrid Hi10 Pro (just the test, so the review will read later in the week tabletManiaKu) at a price of around 162 USD (for Allegro from 1050 to 1200 zł) and Tablet VI10 PLUS – the latter [CST_9 ] now costs about $ 144 , so the proposal at first glance appears to be worthy of attention. However, one should assume that it is probably only editing system Remix (on what is written is true that the tablet supports Dual OS with Windows 10, but there is no mention anywhere that actually is sold with both systems).

More Deals!

Wyłapaliśmy only a few, from the point of view of tabletManiaKa major promotion, but this is obviously just the tip of the iceberg – the current promotions and price reductions (valid until 20 November), you will find a special subpage Gearbest .