Amazon this year may show the world not only Paperwhite'a Kindle 4, but also new tablets. This suggests that the latest devices in the FCC certification.

We know that this year marks the anniversary of the Kindle and Amazon probably will show the world a new Paperwhite'a 4. I mentioned this device not so long ago. Perhaps – except that the device will be additional tablets. This suggests the equipment certification, which appeared in the FCC. pages FCC information appeared two tablets. And although the data does not fall directly name "Amazon" But this way they present is similar to the pattern used by the company Bezos, hiding the original equipment manufacturer. We know that one of the tablet bears the marking SX034QT and comes from a company Blancopage LLC, and the second is from SR03KL Triesan LLC. Both tablets will have Bluetooth and WiFi modules, audio input mini-jack, USB ports and slots for microSD card. The specification does not disclose a screen size or an arrangement in which the device will be equipped with in the future. It is possible that Tablets debut Kindle faster than new or at the same time. One thing is certain – everything about it we will find out in the coming time. Source: Tablet Monkeys