There are many indications that flexible screen technology in mobile devices may appear faster than we expected. This hypothesis allows you to slide out the latest presentation of the Lenovo Folio prototype tablet.

About Lenovo Folio we wrote more than a year ago – then the Chinese corporation first revealed to the world the concept of flexible screens, allowing for the assembly of equipment in half and use it in different sizes. At the first presentation of the possibilities we had to wait a good few months to Tech Week 2017 or the annual technology event held in San Francisco. Https:// Lenovo Folio was presented to a much wider audience, and first of all demonstrated how the most anticipated component of this hardware is the folding screen. You have to admit that on the recordings that went online, it looks really pretty decent. The screen consists of small resistances and the icons smoothly jump to one of the display halves. Once the screen is folded, the second part remains inactive for the system, although we can see the picture when shooting a photo. The screen in this model is 7.8 inches, when folded in half, we get a specific tablet of 5.5 inches. What is important, the tablet can also be folded in the form of a tent – then we can boldly use both halves of the display. The specs of this prototype tablet were opened by one of the 800 Snapdragon processors – the device uses e-SIM technology, and all worked under Android 7.0, although it could not be said that both Google and Windows will be on board. Of course, at this point, absolutely nothing about the planned launch of this equipment, but the mere presentation of its capabilities in practice indicates that the work on this equipment can really be very advanced. There are still waiting for the conclusions, which – hopefully – will appear soon! Source: t ablet-news