Microsoft has another problem to solve. Consumer Reports has just stopped recommending Surface devices, after a quarter of respondents declared technical issues with these devices.

Consumer Reports today is an indispensable source of information on technology equipment that is worth paying attention to today. For a long time, this independent association recommended the Microsoft Surface series. The situation has just changed to Microsoft's defiance. More than 90,000 consumers were surveyed by Consumer Reports. As many as 25% of respondents admitted that their experience with Surface equipment could have included technical problems during the first two years of using the device. The biggest problem was the system crash, unexpected shutdown of all hardware, or touch screen problems. Consequently, due to the high rate of problems, the recommendation for Microsoft hardware was withdrawn. Consumer Reports has definitely ravished the MacBook and iPad line. However, in 2016, the same organization did not initially want to recommend the new MacBook Pro. How did the whole event comment on Microsoft? The company stated that it does not believe that these test results match the real experience and satisfaction of Surface users with their performance or reliability, improved with every next generation of hardware. In addition, Panos Panay in his official post disagreed with the association's statement and pointed to data held by the company, according to which yearly failure rate of devices is getting smaller – and certainly not as high as the Consumer Reports study. I remember that we had an opportunity to see how the new Surface Pro 2017 – the test of this device read on mobiManiaKu. Our Surface Laptop Review will be available later this month. Source: Consumer Reports , Microsoft , Reuters