Looking for tablet for baby? Samsung along with LEGO has prepared such devices. But it is definitely too expensive for the offered options.

Children's tablet is a slippery subject. I'm not entirely convinced that closing from a small consolation in the digital world is a good idea – eventually it will come later. The different approach is presented by Samsung, which, together with the well-known brick manufacturer LEGO, has shown the tablet to the youngest . What is it worth to know about it?

Samsung LEGO Ninjago Tablet

If your child is a fan of LEGO bricks, then maybe he will like the tablet that Samsung released as a result of cooperation with a famous Danish company. But in fact, its only contribution is branding because it only applies to the rubber case on the tablet. Bad tablet.

Fot. Samsung

Fot. Samsung

Of course, I know that your child will not need high-performance computing to shoot photos or play games that require challenging games. But in this case the specification is really outdated. The processor is the Spreadtrum SC8830 – a two-year unit that was not up to date during the market launch. We have 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of data at your disposal – it's not a promise of smooth work , even in the most basic tasks. But let's move on to a more important issue.

Which tablet for your baby to choose?

The simplest answer on my part is … none. This particular model costs $ 150. If he would hit Poland, the price would be about 800 zlotys. For this price you can buy many better devices. But not in that thing. If you have to spend that amount, then you better spend it. The fact that I've been a dozen or so since my childhood, but … I would have spent that money on something else. The first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that for 800 zloty you can buy … LEGO bricks . I would have incomparably more fun. When I look at the kits available in stores, I regret that I was born in the 90's. They are horribly expensive for a toy, but in my opinion, they will definitely improve the comfort of the child. I strongly discourage the introduction of children aged 5 or 7 years in the electronics world . And I know that I am alone in this, if you look at the Communion gifts that are presented in this day and age. Basically, this view is sad because nowadays LEGO bricks are starting to be geeky collectible items, not for the little ones. And that is not good news. So if you really think that your child needs a tablet, then choose another model (maybe something from our TOP-10 tablet?). For this money choice is really wide. And the best thing to do is if you spend it on spending time with your consolation.