The competition between Google, Apple and Microsoft has been the best ever. It seems, however, that the latter group lost the most. This results in a completely new approach to the market.

A few days ago there was an event called India Today Next Conclave. The current president of Microsoft – Satya Nadella. He was walking along the campus with the head of the Hindu giant Redmond – Anant Maheshwari. Then, the CEO noted the reporter with the iPad. Without much thought he said to him half jokingly that he should get a real computer. Of course, it was not meant to be a very harsh reaction by the president, but rather a suggestion. In fact, the person who received the above-mentioned hint has explained what may be the situation. It's a casual, indirect landmark by the CEO of Microsoft, and the point is that the company is making good hardware. The iPad is a device from Apple, so it's competitive. In addition, it is a tablet and does not offer all the capabilities of a computer. The Redmond Group's approach has changed in recent years. The company waives equipment, programs and activities that have not made a profit or are still in place. At the same time aggressively develops the remaining elements under Nadelli. This is not the first time the president of Microsoft has thrown its attention to the competition. Just remember the days of Steve Ballmer, who even ridiculed the iPhone, and after years of regret it. It was not the case with Apple CEO, who on stage sometimes jokingly ridiculed competition products. And with Google? Such situations have also occurred. So if everything is done with flavor, as in this case the effect is much better. Source: TechRadar