An iPad ad appeared on Apple Channel. At the end of its duration, the question is "what is a computer?", Which summarizes the broad possibilities of the tablet.

Funny that yesterday I was describing a situation that occurred during one of the technological events. The whole is about the jocular attention that Microsoft CEO has thrown at the reporter with the iPad . You can read about it by clicking the link below. I think this brief history has reached Apple. I do not believe that a one-minute iPad Pro ad that has just appeared on the Apple Channel on YouTube is a case in point. I think it's direct response from Apple. In the short film we see a child who in different places uses the capabilities of the iPad Pro. On the bus, on the tree or in the garden with a connected Smart Keyboard. In the last scene, when a neighbor asks what she's doing on the computer, the little girl replies, "And what is a computer?" Interestingly, however, Apple is releasing an eyewear for Microsoft – because Word appears on video, not Pages. This question by a young person clearly shows that future generations will not know what a typical computer is. Today's technology allows us to perform various processes on phones or iPads, although until recently they were only able to do them. As Apple concludes, the post-PC era may be closer than it seems to us. Source: Apple