Apple is considering launching the next-generation, cheaper version of the 9.7-inch iPad. We know the price.

The 9.7-inch iPad could appear in 2018, in a new release. DigiTimes reports that Apple is considering launching its cheaper alternative. The service relies on acquired information in the supply chain. Apple's strategy in this case would be simple and would involve attracting customers who are price-conscious in the event of a final purchase decision. Cupertino could thus maintain around 10 million tablet sales per quarter. The cheaper, 9.7-inch iPad would also not remain indifferent to the competition. It is suggested that this would affect other producers, which would benefit the client himself. Year after year, tablet sales are declining. The situation does not apply only to Apple, but it affects every manufacturer of this type of equipment. The cheaper iPad would cost about $ 259, or about 1,300 . I would like to remind you that a few years ago we were able to get the iPad Mini. The new iPad would appear in the second quarter of 2018 , i.e. in the spring. Compal Electronics would be producing. Will we actually see a cheaper iPad in the next year – it is not known. The news is certainly positive, because Apple recently raised the price of iPads and no reduction was nothing to count. Source: DigiTimes