We know today that the popularity of Chromebooks is growing at an avalanche rate. Soon, we can witness another big event – Samsung is working on the first tablet using the Chrome OS system.

The equipment created by the Korean company has a code name Nautilus and – at least in my opinion – is a very interesting experiment that can show whether Chrome OS, constantly developed and supplemented with new capabilities, can effectively compete with Android or iOS in the tablet segment. According to the first information, the equipment is to be very similar to the Galaxy Book 12 model based on Windows 10 – so we have to deal with a tablet equipped with a functional stand and a keyboard that will expand the capabilities of this model. Just like the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus created by Samsung, we also offer us an Intel processor based on the x86 architecture (so it will probably be one of the Atoms). Of interest, it is worth paying attention to the presence of the Sony IMX258 sensor – the same one that is responsible for the quality of the images in the LG G6, which means that we can expect photos in a really good quality. It will also not be a great device – due to the fact that we are dealing with a tablet with an attached keyboard, its size should close in no more than 12 inches. Well, we should not expect a screen made in Super AMOLED technology . It can not be denied that the presence of Chrome OS on tablets can start a fairly fossilized and stagnant tablet market . This is an interesting alternative for both of the leading systems, and it is worth mentioning that Chrome OS has recently become enriched with touch screen support or cooperation with touch screens. These may be the premises that will determine the market success of this device. source: notebookcheck