Apple deliberately slowed some iPhones with an older battery. Did the Cupertino company introduce the same mechanism for iPads? If you were thinking about it then I have an answer for you.

Apple has been caught by users on slowing down selected iPhones with an older battery. Actually, the Cupertino concern has introduced a suitable mechanism to protect smartphones with a used battery for the sake of users, at the expense of the device's performance. The problem from the beginning was not the fact of implementing such a change, but a complete lack of information about it. Apple now has to take into account many lawsuits. The company also introduced a battery replacement program for the price of 29 dollars (129 PLN in Poland). The subject of the mentioned affair was loud in recent weeks. Hardly anyone noticed if Apple also slowed down the iPad with an older battery . A special process that manages the energy and performance of smartphones has appeared since iOS 10.2.1. Apple at the beginning issued statements, and later published in the pages of its site more information about the mechanism introduced. In the iPhone Battery and Performance document, the following statement appears:

This power management feature is specific to the Apple iPhone.

It shows that the energy management function has been designed only for iPhones and does not apply to any other Apple products. The company clearly states that it does not slow down iPads. It is worth noting one more issue. iPads have larger batteries, which we charge less often than in smartphones. So their lifespan is longer , so I would not be surprised if such a mechanism appeared in iPads … but in the future. For now, however, tablet users with the logo of a bitten apple can sleep peacefully. Source: Apple