It looks like the iPad line will be refreshed this year. This is indicated by the evidence found in the new version of iOS.

In the iOS 11.2.5 code , the phrase "modern iPad" appeared for the first time . In the recently released, first beta iOS 11.3, it appears much more often. This probably means that work on the still-unknown iPad is progressing over time. The "Modern iPad" gives us many interesting conclusions. Why? Well, in the code of the iOS system once found the phrase "modern iPhone" , which concerned the smartphone now known as the iPhone X. The word "modern", meaning "modern" was designed to distinguish the components used in the "top ten" from those in older iPhones ( from iPhone 8 and back). In addition, we talked about getting rid of Touch ID for Face ID. 3-strings% 2F Earlier there have been rumors and speculations from Ming-Chi Kuo analyst from KGI Securities, which suggested that this year the refreshed iPad Pro with Face ID will appear. It is not known whether the new iPad would get a narrow frame and notch in the screen, but Apple will put a uniform width around the display. It is also not known whether the premiere of the new iPad Pro with Face ID will appear only in the autumn of 2018, as suggested by some of the rumors. It does not change the fact that we will know more in the coming months. Source: MacRumors