Apple plans to present a new iPad with Face ID this year. We know when it could happen.

Rumors about the new iPad Pro, which should appear later this year, do not cease. For now they are rudimentary, but they overlap to a large extent. It emerges from them a picture of a refreshed Apple tablet, which with its appearance and capabilities will resemble the iPhone X. When could we expect the premiere of the new iPad? We do not know the exact answer to this question. However, always well-informed Mark Gurman from Bloomberg claims that we should expect him at the end of this year. This means that we would expect its premieres in September or autumn this year. Most likely, Apple will not introduce the new iPad quietly, because the changes seem to be far-reaching. The spring premiere is also out of the question. The new version of the tablet would be equipped with a dedicated AI processor. This only confirms earlier assumptions about the implementation of the TrueDepth camera and Face ID technology on board the future iPad. The new tablet would certainly gain a portrait mode for selfie or Animoja. It seems to me that such an iPad would also be a breath of freshness among tablets. We can therefore calmly expect it in the second half of this year. We should also receive more gossip about him in the following months. Source: Bloomberg