Apple has received permission to sell two new iPads in the Eurasian countries. This means that the premiere of the next models is now certain.

We have not received information from today that Apple intends to refresh its iPad line. All rumors also indicate that at least one of the new iPads should receive a TrueDepth camera with Face ID technology. Rumors about such a model have been circulating since the release of the iPhone X, although recently they have definitely grown in strength. The French Consomac service reports that Apple has just obtained permission to sell two new iPads in Europe and Asia . The permit was issued by the Eurasian Economic Committee. The new models have been registered under the designations:

  • A1893
  • A1954

At this point, we can say that these markings do not correspond to any current Apple tablets. The Commission has also allowed several other iPads and iPhones to be sold. Interestingly, their designations began with the letters AA and CC. In this case, unfortunately, we are also witnessing signs for the first time, for which reference to the past is vain. I am very curious when Apple decides to present new iPads. Many speculations predict that this will happen only this autumn. Source: Consomac