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Modecom FreeTAB IPS 1002 X2 is an attractive proposition for those looking for mobile equipment at a reasonable price. Tablet has a strong component configuration, and included wireless keyboard working find, based on the Bluetooth module. Equipment recently debuted in our editorial. If you want to know how it performs in practice and whether it is worth a look – we invite you to read the manic review.

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Video review Modecom FreeTAB IPS 1002 X2

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Construction / quality

The quality of the tablet is at a high level, and the keyboard is sensibly designed.

The designers made sure that the tablet was pleasing to the eye and reminded to mind high-end devices. Dominated by white (usually associated in this segment of iPadami), but the bottom turns into a metallic silver color. Design is elegant. The side beams are curved and gently blend into the rear panel. Assembly lines are clear and visible way to divide the housing into several parts.

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The quality of workmanship is high. The housing is made of both metal and plastic. This ensures adequate stability, while maintaining the optimum balance. The individual elements are well fit. Nothing creaks under the pressure, and the structure is rigid. Protective sheet tightly to the display, so you do not notice while the effect of "hot tub". Ports and buttons are not loose. Cover protects part of the connector is well cut, and attached to the rest of the structure with a silicone strap. [Nggallery id = 192 template = techmaniak] Modecom FreeTAB X2 1002 IPS segment is a 10-inch device, but it does not look too big or heavy. The slim design is easy to operate, regardless of whether they are sitting on the couch, or stand on the tram. Housing slipping in the hands, and on the rear side of the patch panel, will find the plastic, providing extra grip. Of course, if you want to use the keyboard BT, it would be better to find a place where rozłożymy whole set. The list of equipment you will find two webcam. Being positioned symmetrically on both sides of the machine (in the middle, with the long side). Characterized by a resolution of respectively 5 and 2 megapixels for photos and do not offer the support of the AF system. The movie mode captures VGA video with. The list of accessories complements the microphone and stereo speakers mounted on one of the shorter side beams.

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Bluetooth Keyboard is kept in a white color scheme, combining with the design of the tablet. Accessory has been sensibly designed – contoured sides creating a niche, so that you can make a set for transport. The edges are lined inside with a soft, rubber material (in order to protect the screen). The upper part of the accessory creates special indentation, in which we put the tablet at work, and stand mounted on a spring hinge. Indentation has also been lined with rubber. The stand allows the tablet lay in one position. You will not find here any mounting clamps. In the upper right corner we find two LEDs indicating the status of the device and battery and two buttons (Connect, and ON / OFF).

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keys to island system. Were cut with simple tiles. We find here a long space and backspace, and the one-storey Enter. There will be classic, functional buttons and the Fn button launcher alternative functions of some keys. Arrows dostawiono basic block. Keyboard, given the small width is not provided with a dedicated alphanumeric block. In summary, the equipment can not be matched ergonomics large, specially profiled keyboards, but travel at 100% it does the job.


Tablet attracts IPS screen with a resolution of HD.

Tablet is equipped with IPS screen diagonal 10.1 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, which deserves attention. The display provides good transparency of the material and provides a comfortable working environment. The viewing angles are very good, and the colors close to real. The picture does not change mgli the perspective. Image parameters, overall fall at a high level.

Modecom FreeTAB IPS 1002 X2 / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Backlight Power ranks average. We can change smoothly, but in a relatively wide range. Comfortable operation is possible even at lower values. On board we find the light sensor. Matrix no flashes at any point. Not visible discoloration or noticeably lighter or darker fields. Not recorded in the copy test "dead pixels". supports multi-touch screen with ten points of emphasis, which should please those who write quickly on the touch screen. Point resolution is high. The sensor is well calibrated and do not get confused with the classic for Android gestures (slide, pinch, stretch, etc.) – even while charging the tablet. The touch is usually recognized without delay.


Tablet is equipped with a standard package of communication modules.

On board model Modecom FreeTAB X2 1002 IPS find a standard set of ports for 10-inch tablet – audio jack 3.5 mm (to which we can hook up headphones or speakers), a dedicated power connector, microSD card slot (supports media up to 32 GB ), microUSB connector and socket microHDMI. The last three have been hidden behind a special cap. MicroUSB port supports portable memory and pointing devices. However, did not detect an external drive (500 GB, with no power) and did not handle the USB hub.

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In terms of wireless communication, we can count on trouble-free WiFi card and Bluetooth. WiFi Stability checked on the basis of small and large files – not even recorded a temporary loss of connectivity and fluctuations in the speed of data transfer. From the Settings tab, you can order the continuous operation, even when the display is turned off. Through the BT module is connected to the device included in the kit BT keyboard. The connection is stable and not affected by the delays affecting comfort. After the upgrade (available for download on the manufacturer's website ), the tablet supports external 3G adapters. Function based on the model we tested Huawei 173u-2 and Aero2 network.


You can count on more than 8 hours on a single charge.

Modecom FreeTAB IPS 1002 X2 is equipped with integrated in the lithium-ion battery. Characterized by the capacity of 6200 mAh. With monotonous work I was able to "squeeze" the tablet about 8 hours, while maintaining comfortable conditions. But when we actively use the touch sensor, the device will refuse to obey after about 4 hours. Overall equipment puts on a good level. The most power consuming job maintaining external 3G modem. The results of all the tests I've included below. Tablet battery test (screen brightness set to 50%):

  • work in console mode, WiFi enabled, running game – a loss of 27% within an hour;
  • work in console mode, WiFi is not enabled, run the game – a loss of 24% within an hour;
  • work in playback mode, WiFi enabled, playing video in full screen mode – loss of 16% within an hour;
  • work in playback mode, WiFi is not active, playing a movie in full screen mode – loss of 13% within an hour;
  • work in the browser mode (WiFi), running a web browser – a loss of 25% within an hour;
  • work in the browser mode (3G), running a web browser – 64% loss within hours.

The above estimate of the battery capacity can be changed by a few percent, if you choose to work at full power backlight. The included keyboard has a separate battery BT loaded via a USB cable. We will not have to do that too often – faster discharge tablet than an accessory.


Dual-core CPU and Mali-400 MP4 offer good performance in benchmarks and ensure adequate liquidity navigation.

Tablet is built based on the Rockchip 3066 dual-core processor designed ARMv7 architecture. The computing unit has a nominal clock speed of 1.6 GHz and works with quad graphics chip Mali-400 MP4. The various processes and applications can use 1 gigabyte of DDR3 RAM. After deducting the fixed system of processes is around 550 MB. As a data warehouse can be used 16 GB of usable memory. Of course, some storage space is taken up by the operating system and installed applications. [Nggallery id = 194 template = techmaniak] Tablet operating system based on Android version 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean). Navigating the system is operating smoothly. Rarely do we experience relief and cuts – usually when opening demanding applications. Information about touch and gestures are processed immediately. Dragging windows is done quickly and without downtime.

Modecom FreeTAB IPS 1002 X2 / photo tabletManiaK.pl

moved three popular benchmarks – AnTutu (9065 pts.), Quadrant Professional (3880 pts.) And An3DbenchXL (34,815 pts.). These results can be compared to the results of high-end ASUS Pad Transformer TF700T, armed with a third generation Tegry. Modecom FreeTAB X2 1002 IPS gives him a little. [Nggallery id = 190 template = techmaniak] screen keyboard has four rows of keys. Regardless of the keyboard, the keys are uniformly distributed across the width of the display. The vertical unit is a good tool for reading PDFs, and browse to write better rather use the horizontal, unless we are able to BT keyboard spacing.

Modecom FreeTAB IPS 1002 X2 / photo tabletManiaK.pl

We ran through the test a number of the most popular tablet platform applications with Google Play. Modecom FreeTAB IPS X2 1002 without major problems posed handled all titles, including graphically advanced games (eg Dead Trigger, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, and Death Dome). In terms of entertainment, you can count on smooth, and quick response to touch. The device coped well with the music saved in several different formats, and "heavy" eBooks. Web Browser is working fine – continuously reads each page, and the only downtime due to the quality of your Internet connection. Also supports Adobe Flash, and streaming audio and video. The function has been tested on pages offer streaming video – for example, drhtv.com.pl ). In games we have to reckon not only with the processed data (I checked on the basis of the game Settlers Online ). Media tested with the following characteristics:
  • mkv, 1080p, h264, 40Mbps
  • mkv, 1080p, h264, 10Mbps, dts; subtitles
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, vorbis, subtitles;
  • mp4, 720p, h264, 6Mbps, ac3;
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 600kbps, aac / mp3.

Tablet has successfully handled all above the file list. Noticed no problems with the picture and sound. Clips were played smoothly – even those with high bandwidth of 40 mbps. What more can we expect to process embedded subtitles. It can be concluded that the equipment can be used as a full-fledged media player.

Summary, evaluation and review

Modecom FreeTAB IPS 1002 X2 is a very good tablet, which should be satisfied also more demanding users. Strong set of components to provide reliable and comfortable operation. The unit successfully play a wide range of media and will serve as a game console. The presence of the included wireless keyboard will satisfy those looking for mobile equipment, but designed for office work. For all this, the tablet receives a special award. [temperature] APPEARANCE / QUALITY | 4.5 | SCREEN | 4 | OUTPUT POWER | 4 | PERFORMANCE | 4.5 | SOFTWARE | 4 | EQUIPMENT | 4.5 [/ temperature]

  • A well-designed structure;
  • A good IPS screen;
  • BT Keyboard included;
  • MicroHDMI connector;
  • Strong configuration of components;
  • Supports a wide range of multimedia standards.
  • No autofocus on the camera;
  • Filming only VGA.

EDITOR award techManiaK.pl

Tablet deserves our opinion, the award "Editor's Choice".

We answer readers' questions

critic: Is the keyboard support Polish characters: Yes. SmyQ: Is not it a coincidence that the same model GoClever TAB R105BK?'s not the same model. Despite the similar appearance of different specifications such as cameras or flash memory size. Madmax13: Please Check whether the protruding "wall" on the corners of the keyboard is not that much annoying when writing? After a long work with the keyboard, I can in good conscience to ensure that the design was well designed – the walls are not burdensome for writing. marciolin: how does it differ from the keyboard dock BT? docking station, as the name suggests allows you to dock the tablet. Usually involves the use of a dedicated connector. Some docking stations extend battery set, and almost all have additional ports. Me: Could you test if it works with a small bluetooth mouse (so do not have to stick to a small USB dzingsa) and of how fast it works in Word keyboard. Are there any noticeable differences between working on a laptop keyboard to the tablet on this. Unfortunately, in the current moment I can not see BT mouse actions. The keyboard works quickly. Zooming in and out of the screen while typing is possible. Critic: Will the modems are supported external modems are supported. We tested the model Huawei 173u-2 networked Aero2. Critic: Is running a combination of Alt + Tab to applications Yes przełączeania. Critic: Is the keyboard can be recharged with the tablet Yes. This requires a combination of keyboard with the tablet using the included USB cable and USB adapter. Critic: How to sometimes act? Battery in the tablet is roomy and efficient. With a steady, continuous video playback withstand about 8 hours. This is a very good result. Critic: How to performance in office applications. I mean, if not close when editing text? Performance in office applications is high. Seamlessly supports text editing and viewing PDFs. Applications do not crash and do not close for no reason.

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