Update: Author: Remmer. The article was highlighted in a manic contest "Win a tablet Kiano 3G modem."

Office cleaning lady for hire …

Job Description: office cleaning, working 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Requirements: student, 5 years of experience, the right to work at height, for forklift trucks, a category C + E experience in the design and implementation of web-based applications for Using J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Apache CXF, ANT, Maven, MySQL and JBoss, fluency in English and German in speech and writing, required their own laptop and software. Competitive salary: Work Contract 1600 zł per month. Why This job ad has no chance of success? Because multitasking along with performing any kind of work at the highest level of costs. Same situation in the world of tablets.

In ADAX 8DC1 not find a 3G modem, GPS and Bluetooth, so you'll pay less for it. All the better if you want to only zabijaczem time / photo tabletManiaK.pl

It is very individual is how budżetowiec to 1000 zł will be most suitable for us. The rate increases with the number of tasks to be performed – the cheapest will be those without GPS or 3G modem. More expensive – not with those in better performance and to ensure the work done properly. Just like in the announcement at the beginning.

Budget that is, how?

Long wondered what exactly does "budget tablet" and came to the conclusion that it must be propaganda and deliberate action of journalists and editors designed to discredit small businesses who can not afford the marketing activities in the amount of $ 12 billion. Per year (enough Samsung rumored to appear.) On the other hand – if you reject the theory of brainwashing, "budget" is simply not a reality corresponding to the translation of the English language, where "budget = low in price, cheap". Budget is certainly not cheap, especially when – as it is adopted – the top boundary we choose a magical 1000 zł (although I happened to read about the tablet in the context of the budget for 1200-1300 zł hardware), while the salary is almost enough 2 million Poles and a few people earn a lot more? Yes, if abroad for the same work not everyone receives 1000 zł, and 1000 Euro, this tablet is not for 1000 zł, and for 250 Euro's for his "low in price, cheap" … In Poland, the real budżetowcach looking at earnings could talk for equipment for about 300-500 zł (Goclever Tab A73, MyTab 7, MyTab 10).

GoClever A73 tablet is preferably selected in February 2013 (based on. Ceneo data). Price? From 294 zł / photo producer

Nevertheless, after much thought, as an indicator of the budget tablet fashionable accepted unless on each of the sites' tysiaka "while reaching the final definition of" budget tablet "or equipment which on release in comparison with the hardware competition is at least 50 % of the cheaper and more expensive than 1000 zł. Unless you want to call it a budget device used, bought two years ago, for which people wept, for which they prayed for whom lined up for 10 hours before the opening of the store, they were not willing to spend on all your payments and starve for the whole month, which now beats budżetowiec not one … but then it completely changes everything.

Budżetowiec – worth the money?

Let's go back to the situation a little more than two years. If at the end of 2010, gadget lovers were willing to pay more than two thousand zł per unit without 3G, no GPS, 16 GB memory, a screen resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels, 1 GHz processor and 256 MB RAM and well over three thousand zł per version with 64 GB of memory, 3G and GPS module, then what is to issue 600 zł a model with parameters similar to the latter (with 3G, GPS, 4GB of memory, a screen resolution of 1024×600 pixels, 1 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM). Ot at least one Tab GOCLEVER M703G … Besides, the world is a bit like tablet mobile world. Tablet is expensive subscription, with which we associate the year (unless you can afford an expensive model to change every few months or take another subscription on better terms). Tablet is a budget phone card, for which promotions, and even the operator can change several times a year.

In contrast to models of high end products, we can change the budget tablets such as gloves, when you get bored or stop us enough / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Here everything depends on your point of view. You can take the tablet to high end products for 3000 thousands and belch year to "improve" his performance. Could buy a budget tablet for 300 zł, and when it does not meet up to expectations change after 3 months to a newer, better model for 500 zł, and that if we do not fall in love with – try it for 700 zł, and if the latter is not our ideal to take something for tysiaka. Ultimately, we will have four models for a total of 2500 zł. Moreover, the latter is likely to be the financial model better equipped than the equipment for 3000 zł bought a year ago. So yes, you should be interested in this market.

What can they be used?

The answer to this question depends to a large extent to which model should we choose. It is not true that every parameter of the tablet should be inflated to the limit. Course, most would want to have the most powerful hardware, even if it did not no real justification , a tablet would be used only as a cookbook that when taking lunch powiadamiałaby us about a new e-mail and status, what our friends from Facebook was prepared by the cook. course, there are even more challenging tasks than those, for example, reading the Internet , running calculator, watch movies, instant messaging, search, public transport connections, managing the household budget, copy files to Dropbox and in the end, the game.

GoClever TAB T76GPSTV not only will use a web browser, but also a seven inch GPS navigation and ... television. FREE car holder, and it's all for a little more than 300 zł. / Photo tabletManiaK.pl

If we want something in particular, you might want to advance. If a function is absolutely not interested in us, then it will not work for our perfect model should be ignored. We want "full grazing" and afford the most expensive equipment – do not read further, and take better expensive model – can not let us down. To sum ​​up: budget tablet you can use almost the same job as the more expensive brethren, depending of course on equipment and software, a task that will meet are limited only by the imagination application developers. It's just like with the car: and Fiat 126P, and BMW to get to. If it is only important to us, you can take the budget tablet Fiat blind. However, if you live in the world of air conditioning, heated seats, cooled storage compartment and removable roof – the tablet for less than 1000 zł not be a source of pride. Not because of the performance and capabilities, but because of the brand or prestige.

Tablets budget without flaws?

The only thing I can complain is a Polish politician. In the case of electronic equipment budget I see no reason to malkontenctwa for two reasons: 1) before buying know how much that costs, what are the parameters and properties, and in a sense I agree to certain concessions in exchange for a low price, 2) prior to the decision to purchase my unfathomable library independent tests, reviews, descriptions, that's even in the form of manic portals:

  • gsmManiaK.pl – mobile phones, game accessories
  • fotoManiaK.pl – digital photography, cameras, lenses, tips
  • mobiManiaK.pl – mobile solutions, laptops, netboooki
  • tabletManiaK.pl – tablets are getting better and more popular
  • tvManiaK.pl – HD TV, LCD, plasma, satellite, home theater, HiFi, Audio
  • 3DManiaK.pl – TV and 3D technology, 3D movies – our new manic passion
  • gizManiaK.pl – electronic gadgets, GPS, UMP, PDA, MP3, MP4
  • agdManiaK.pl – Home appliances can also be beautiful and functional

So sin would be so informed purchasing and later our national complaining. But it happens. What a budżetowcach like?

  • outdated Android – in this case, it is totally different than in desktops. Do not put the plate with the new system by clicking "continue", "continue", "continue" to have another version of the system. Here we have to patiently wait until the manufacturer graciously release an update to the latest version – or will not let go. Anyway, updates and information about the top models, it's not quite news, which propagates through the network speed of the chain of rat urine in aluminum cans. course, it is good to have a new version of the system, while the old tablet fully satisfy us, and it does the job, is a matter of dispute.
  • do not meet the criteria for compliance Google – here is I agree 100% – Installation of new applications outside of Android Market is neither simple nor quick.
  • no 3G/GPS – is just nonsense, because whether or not you want those features, they decide before buying. The choice is simple – without them, the tablet will be cheaper with them – more expensive. A very simple logic. Some budżetowce there are a minimum of external support for 3G modems and support them without problems, and GPS so you can connect your tablet to your phone communications. But the game is worth the candle, and no better spend those few stówek more for a model with a built-in receiver and modem, it's an individual decision.
  • quality – a lot of people complain about the plastic. And what kind of device do for a few hundred dollars? Leather? Aluminium? Gold? Clear that it will be plastic, again better time inferior, but still plastic does not affect the operation of the device, it looks at the most average compared to gold.
  • performance – contrary to what you might think, budżetowce have no problem with the majority of applications, which usually are not very demanding. Are probably the most demanding 3D games paid versions, but if we can afford it and we can afford the tablet, which it uciągnie. Working with the android version of Auto Cad is also unlikely to be smooth, if at all possible, but whoever designed the tablet?
  • lack of liquidity in Full HD video playback – I hope it's not a 25 GB video transferred to Blu-ray disc to an SD card. And if not it's not about what we are talking full HD movies? The compressed? That's the way the conversion can be converted into a 1280 × 720, an end to complaining and make the real movie screen, projector, home cinema and Blu-Ray.
  • scratch-prone screen – you need to take care of the equipment. Buy a case, and do not carry in your back pocket, do not walk around with it on the beach, where they relax, rest, swimming, playing, not sitting on Facebook and upload photos of your holiday. Take it easy you can do it in a hotel room, if so we are seeking care.
  • poor viewing angles of the screen – and that kind of traditional monitors have much better? It's good that no one has had the idea to write it on the screen do not see how to turn the tablet front to back.
  • poor quality camera / camcorder – no matter how many megapixels eventually put on such a small sensor that will record movies in Full HD resolution, a lens with a diameter of 1 mm of the world does not zwojujemy.

Kiano Dual Pro 10 is an aluminum chassis, Gorilla Glass, IPS, 10-point multitouch, dual-core 1.6 GHz processor, 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, Android 4.0.3, support for Full HD video - there is no reason to complain. Mobile access to the network or get navigation through external modem or by tethering / photo tabletManiaK.pl

You can complain about anything. Number of defects that we find, will depend on the reason that the budget tablet we have acquired. If you want just a gadget, which, in fact, we use several times a year during the holidays, a trip to the family for the holidays and give your child to make friends with the angry birds, then these complaints will be relatively less. If we want to replace our tablet cinema, console, TV, stereo, laptop, first – not a substitute for, and it will only be a substitute for, the second – on the assumption we have to think carefully and purchase details check out the features of the product. Perhaps one budżetowiec meet expectations. What's more – they can surprise the budget tablet offering something that has never given the competition, does not and can rethink that in the future, give: case, HDMI cable (or even the same port), remote control, headphones, DVB-T, attached to the device swing arm for setting down the tablet or even … 3D glasses. Apart from this if it is needed or addition is made at a high level, sometimes they are just useful.

China = bad?

This myth, which fell on a day when every home I found a magic equipment "Made in China." It is not hard to believe, but for the last few years the only electronic equipment which is ruining my DVD drives. Defeat it suffered two hard drives. I took one of them to hand – like corporate and reliable – and what do I see? "Product of Thailand". It is no secret that East Asia dominates the production of electronic equipment, in fact, even high-end models – if they are not made ​​in China is in the immediate vicinity.

Wroclaw JTAB W710 / photo tabletManiak.pl

What's more – if someone hates Chinese food so much that it got rid of all the furniture out of the house with the words "Made in China" for him to have good and bad news. Okay is that the budget tablets are also Hungarian (Concorde Tab) , Romanian (EVOLIO Evotab 3), Spanish (tablet Energy Sistem: i724, i824 and i828), Austrian (Cmx clanga 097), and even Polish (JTAB W710). Wrong however – that the majority (if not all) of the they'll see the standard formula of where the device was produced. course you can try a tablet from Alibaby or select a Shogun himself, and even bring the equipment from China Teclast christened name, Cube, Onda, or Yuandao. Choose the color, even models with display Retina they are. OpenSignalMaps on the basis of 682,000 downloads of its application with Google Play published data, which show that nearly four thousand Android devices were 1363 models only once, indicating the number of models, which is not to grasp.

How to choose your ideal?

The first question you should ask yourself when choosing equipment is "Do I need it at all? '.' Cause what the tablet is so special that she did not could handle smartphone, netbook, laptop or desktop? Is it really makes sense to spend any money on something , what just a little bit more comfortable will review e-mail, programs, or watch a movie? Especially when the smartphone is only 1.5 inches less … Ok. Assuming that the advantages of having the tablet – apart from using it as an expensive zabijacza time – is more, the second question is "What do I really use it for and what concessions will be ready to go?". And this is the key question on which everyone who wants to spend your cash wisely should start looking for your budżetowca tailored to, and then take you by the reading tests, descriptions, comparisons, reviews, videos, photos, specifications, benchmarks. In this way, EVERYONE can be saved before the mare assets to multi-task, in which neither use its full power, or ability. Ot device with hypertrophy of form over content and marketing the possibilities. Not what you thought, consciously chosen budżetowiec.


Before purchasing equipment should have recourse to the assessment and an opinion on the various models, reviewed by an independent and experienced portals / portal screen tabletManiak.pl

The question is, what will the tablet, each must answer for himself. If I need it only for viewing emails – give up on the smartphone, I need e-book reader – I would choose e-book reader, I need GPS – I would choose budget tablet with GPS, I need everything at once? I would think a thousand times, or device that is all, there is also nothing.

Shopping time

That's the funniest part of the fun 🙂 People in recenzjami argue in the comments that dud, because there is no GPS or 3G, though the case creaks did not watch this movie at 4K resolution and photos with a resolution of doing only 2 megapixels instead of 12 megapixels . Well that's the point, to find out that this is just such a model, and is therefore … cheap. does not mean it's true, that what is cheap is bad – it just does not have a redundant (for some people) option. Why do I sound 7.1 or screen super-high-power-full-color, if the tablet will be used as a navigation przypominaczo-calendar to-do list and a handy reference about the received e-mail? Banter that the budget tablet is good or not, I really can laugh. However, the reasons do not have to laugh at those who have to buy takowego to decide. There simply lose yourself on, especially if you ordered the equipment for which you have to pay a little more than 100 zł with free shipping from China. Given that the contracting agent earns more, the price of such equipment in the renminbi has to be really low. Very rarely mention seller in this case, the manufacturer and model (if any), and the minimum amount you have to spend, orders have to be careful with this purchase.

Tablet not only buy on the Internet or in a store household appliances. "His" models also sold Ladybug, Carrefour, Polomarket, Tesco, Intermarche, dominated GOCLEVERy, Tracery (pictured model with Carrefour), Overmaxy, cheapest Lark Freeman was 70.0 for 199 zł, but I do not know if I would have dared ... / photo manufacturer

Slightly more expensive, and in fact a lot, because twice – have their reviews and opinions on independent websites. Independent for as much as recenzujący you are able to help but wonder caused by the fact that such a cheap device can do so much. Not accidentally the more expensive the unit, the better. Additional modem, receiver, or more storage – cost. Finally, we are approaching the limit of the budget tablet, where you can already find models fully meet expectations.

Future budżetowca

Budżetowiec fact that once acquired will be with us until his death. Sooner her than ours. Sell ​​it does not pay, unless you count the earnings of 50-200 zł for equipment, which acquired the 500-1000 zł. Time is the most dreadful for electronics. The cheaply bought, the faster our equipment is old. However, death does not have to be budżetowca quickly, provided that they do not buy a pig in a poke brought from unknown Chinese factory (although they are supposed to 12 months warranty) and we will get a copy felerny (quality control is not the best Chinese factories forte).

Wikipad 7 in price of about $ 240 is expected to debut in the spring. This is an example that vendors regularly create the world tablet. Moreover, Huawei and even Alibaba reflect on their own OS for mobile devices. That is the only word - it happens! / Photo by manufacturer

Although so the truth of the failure rate is so low-cost tablet, as with any other device: Either we are lucky or not. This is not the eighties when operating Otake produced television today. And anyway, if the equipment breaks down budget to lose, at most, from 300 to 1000 zł. Of course, provided that at six months the model do not change for the better, because the prices budżetowców us it just happened. If you spoil a high-end model (especially after warranty), we lose two, three, ten times as much.

Why do I love budżetowce, I believe in it and I see a bright future for them …

It's a very personal question – can budżetowce love, or just being in the right zapatrzonym brand – not even look at them. It's a matter between the other previous device experience the brand. It is rare that someone is doing a shoddy, suddenly do something that will become a bestseller. I love the cheap tablets that are cheap.'m Not willing to spend thousands on equipment 2-3 that after half a year I get tired enough that I use it on special occasions. In most places (except in a few locations) I have access to more or less stationary equipment – much more convenient to use and more efficient. There are situations (once a Russian year), when the tablet will be entertainment for a few hours or days. Although I could see the end to fully entrust the tasks that use other equipment in my environment. But as long as I pen a note on paper (faster), the e-mail tells me the smartphone (more wearable), the write off of a desktop computer (easier, especially when a large amount of text), watch Full HD movies on Blu-ray without gram compression (better quality) photos I SLR, video camera, I record, watch stars and planets using a telescope, and navigates me a gift received GPS navigation. I could close it all black frames between the tablet, but I'd have to be ready for some concessions. Concessions in quality and comfort, as mobility, portability tablet beats everything (except maybe in some convenient average smartphone work).

For the production of tablets to take all of us - the belief in a higher profit. It was surprising that the idea has not caught your device Polish post office. The picture considered brand, but still the Chinese Lenovo ideatab included A2109A located right at the end of the range that defines the budget tablet / photo tabletManiaK.pl

budget tablet you have accepted with open arms? Sure. It is not difficult to accept these disadvantages budżetowców, which is the most he says. But not so long ago I listened to music from cassette tapes, watched movies on VHS, recorded the sound of the voice (the analog of the tapes in the middle), and to check e-mail I had to come home and dial the number 0202122 and squeaks of the modem to wait until it connects to the Internet. So, for this reason, I am ready to compromise between mobility tablets, and the quality of their multitasking. Not only the budget, but tablets in general. Budget versions are irrelevant not only because of the generation that remembers the beginnings of the Internet, but due to the fact that their development does not stand still, and month to month (as fast a pace), chasing the more expensive models. As a result, more powerful models appear with a time lag, but the tablet is not the hardware that you need to have. There is a problem with the quality, but this can surprise and a plus, and minus. If only on this issue over the years, manufacturers will now take more attention to quality control have nothing against zawołaniu: Next budżetowce! To battle! The seizure itself from year to year more and more a piece of cake!