Test: GOCLEVER TAB M813G – cheap tablet with GPS and 3G support Aero 2

GOCLEVER TAB M813G features a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz and IPS display with excellent viewing angles. Also on board you will find an extensive range of communications, enable both the use of the Internet on the go, as well as calling and SMS-ing. We can not forget about the integrated GPS module with A-GPS support and the EPO system.

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recently debuted equipment in our office. If you want to know how it performs in practice and whether it is worth a look – we invite you to read the manic review.

Video review GOCLEVER TAB M813G

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Construction / quality

Tablet features an attractive design and solid construction.

Tablet boasts elegant form maintained in a dark color. Rear panel contoured smoothly into slender side beams. The structure is clearly divided into plastic and metal segments. The design is attractive and pleasing to the eye. Matte finish does not attract attention, and the manufacturer's model and are economical. Front as a whole (both the screen and the frame border surrounding it) is covered with a protective pane.

  • See the specification for GOCLEVER TAB M813G

The middle part of the back panel is made of metal. Side beams and the rest of the back panel is plastic. This arrangement gave the design an appropriate stiffness and durability while maintaining optimal weight. The quality of installation is at a good level. Housing has not bowed to the pressure and will not squeak at any point. Mounting slots is equal to the entire length. Below the screen, however, we see the effect of "hot tub" (characteristic of the air bubbles) with a stronger touch. [Nggallery id = 288 template = techmaniak] The device is easy to operate both in the horizontal and vertical directions. With plastic items will not slip in your hand, and the equipment during operation does not heat up to uncomfortable temperatures. The buttons are easily accessible and have a low pitch. In addition to the classic (for the fourth generation of Android) system switch and volume control, we can find the button for the function back. SIM and microSD slots are shifted toward the rear of the unit. The inserted card will not affect in any way the ergonomics.

GOCLEVER TAB M813G / photo tabletManiaK.pl

The list of equipment you will find two webcams. The front has a resolution of 0.3 Mpix. Was placed in the middle of the frame surrounding the display, on the short side. This will allow us to conduct video conferencing, but the average quality, not deviating from the market standard for the equipment budget. The second webcam was located in the back, in the corner. Here we rely on the resolution of two megapixels and several interesting improvements to the system (for example, panorama function or object visualization from different perspectives). The list of accessories complements the microphone and stereo speakers (maximum sound level is 84 dB) mounted along the longer side.


There we have the IPS screen 8 "

GOCLEVER TAB M813G is equipped with 8-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Technology In-Plane Switching offers a wide viewing angle. We can count on no discernible change the contrast and color saturation when changing perspective. Transparency display of the material is high. The other image parameters, in general, fall on a good level.

GOCLEVER TAB M813G / photo tabletManiaK.pl

The maximum brightness is 224 cd/m2 matrix, at 100-percent power backlight, the backlight uniformity reaches 21%. Brightness can change smoothly over a wide range, and the lowest value is 60 cd/m2. On board we find the light sensor. The matrix does not flashes at no point, did not notice the discoloration and "dead pixels".

Maximum power lighting / photo tabletManiaK.pl

The minimum strength of the backlight / photo tabletManiaK.pl

supports multi-touch screen with five pressure points. Resolution of points is high. The sensor is well calibrated and do not get confused with the classic for Android gestures (movement, pinch, stretch, etc.) – even while charging the tablet. Touch is usually recognized without delay.


Tablet can replace your phone.

GOCLEVER TAB M813G comes with a microSD card slot (supports media up to 32 GB), combo audio jack connector 3.5 mm (properly supports headphones with microphone), as well as microUSB port (via the Allow the battery). The latter, of all tested by us accessories in the factory setup has detected only pointing devices. But not coped with USB hubs, memory modules, portable and external drives. It is possible that the solution here will change the adapter or the corresponding application.

GOCLEVER TAB M813G / photo tabletManiaK.pl

In terms of wireless card you can count on WiFi and Bluetooth. During testing, the connection was stable, although the WiFi signal strength was found to be relatively weak. From the Settings tab, you can require continuous operation even when the display is turned off. The list of components complement the built-in GPS and 3G modem. The latter supports provides a function calling and SMS-ing, and also works with a network of Aero 2. GPS catches the signal relatively quickly – in testing I waited about five minutes on the first signal. When you turn on A-GPS support wait time is reduced to about one minute. With the simultaneous use of EPO function, I could count on reading location after a few seconds. Subsequent measurement equipment has been updated on a regular basis.


The battery provides over 5 hours when using 3G modem

GOCLEVER TAB is equipped with M813G integrated in the lithium-ion battery. It is characterized by a capacity 4300 mAh. The results of all the tests (with brightness set to 50%) I've included below. [Test slug = "battery" product_id = "18694"] This estimate battery performance may vary by a few percent, if you choose to work at full power backlight.


Equipment suited to the mobile PDF reader and a tool for browsing the web.

Tablet is built based on MediaTek MT8377 dual core processor designed ARMv7 architecture. The computing unit has a nominal clock speed of 1.2 GHz and works with single-GPU PowerVR SGX 531 The various processes and applications can use 1 gigabyte of DDR2 RAM. After deducting the fixed system of processes is around 550 MB. As a data warehouse, we can use 4 GB of memory in use – this last is divided into so-called. Internal memory (512 MB) and memory storage (where we store our data). It is worth noting that there is no possibility of porting applications from internal memory to memory storage. Of course, some storage space is already occupied by the factory configuration operating system and installed applications. [Nggallery id = 290 template = techmaniak] find the tablet version of Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). During operation, you can see the delay between touch and response of the system. It is a matter of a split second, but the slowdown affects comfort. You can count on for the high stability of operation – system and application. Traditionally measured the performance of the tablet with four popular applications: Quadrant Professional, AnTutu and An3DbenchXL. Results can be found below – all values ​​are in points, but the more points, the better. [Test slug = "quadrant" product_id = "18694"] [test slug = "antutu" product_id = "18694"] [test slug = "an3dbenchxl" product_id = "18694"] The onscreen keyboard has four rows of keys. Whatever the system, the keys are uniformly distributed across the width of the display. If you rotate the tablet 90 degrees machine is a good tool for reading PDFs and web browsing, to write better rather use the horizontal layout.

GOCLEVER TAB M813G / photo tabletManiaK.pl

GOCLEVER TAB M813G for us to handle most everyday applications from Google Play platform. It will serve both as a reader PDFs, document editing tool as well as a music player. We can also expect some fun. Tablet support graphically advanced games, but sometimes has problems with the correct display of textures. The liquidity of the game is at a satisfactory level. Some obstacles will, however small internal memory that allows you to install at the same time requiring a maximum of one application. Tablet correctly handle the Skype application – the user logs in and supports video calling. It should, however, use the supplied earphones – the application does not use the full power of the speakers. Browser usually works fine. Reading each page is done with satisfactory liquidity, and the only downtime due to the quality of your Internet connection. Already in the factory default configuration supports Adobe Flash, and streaming audio and video (I checked the websites offering streaming video – for example, drhtv.com.pl ), although sometimes the image tends to "stutter" not resulting from a link-state . In games we have to reckon not only with the processed data (checked-based games Settlers Online ). I tested the media files with the following characteristics:
  • mkv 1080p h264; 40Mbps
  • mkv 1080p h264, 10Mbps, dts; subtitles
  • mp4, 720p, h264, 6Mbps, ac3;
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, vorbis, subtitles;
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 600kbps, aac / mp3.

Tablet smoothly and easily handled only the last two of these files. Others were characterized by very high throughput for the device, which resulted "spreading" of the image. The equipment does not provide a support for DTS audio and the built-in subtitle file.

Summary, evaluation and review

GOCLEVER TAB M813G certainly tempt people looking for the tablet to go. The equipment will replace the phone, while offering a larger screen and car navigation functionality (if dokupimy corresponding map or decide on Google Maps). On the other hand, before buying may prevent small internal memory, and thus able to install some applications and data storage. [temperature] DESIGN / QUALITY | 4.0 | HOME | 3.5 | OUTPUT POWER | 3.5 | CAPACITY | 3.5 | SOFTWARE | 3.5 | EQUIPMENT | 4.0 [/ temperature]

  • Nice design;
  • Solid construction;
  • IPS screen;
  • 3G Modem;
  • The phone;
  • GPS module with support EPO and A-GPS.
  • Few of the applications;
  • A small storage space;
  • Unable to copy the application to the storage space;
  • Untranslated fully interface.

We answer readers' questions

Beata: I'll have to test skype on GOCLEVER TAB M813G: 1 Operation of this application on the speaker Tablet 2 The volume – speaker and headphones 3 Log off from the application and log in again. Tablet correctly handle the Skype application – logs (and logs) of the user, and supports video calling. It should, however, use the supplied earphones – the application does not use the full power of the speakers.

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