Test Lark FreeMe 70.65 – is it worth it to buy the tablet for 220 zł?

Lark FreeMe 70.65 was equipped with a Mali-400 MP, single-core processor, 512 MB ​​of RAM and a matrix TN. Configuration of components does not impress, but the device definitely makes up for the price. Costing less than 220 zlotys, deserves to be called one of the cheapest tablets on the market.

Lark FreeMe 70.65 / photo tabletManiaK.pl

tablet recently debuted in our office. If you want to know how it performs in practice and whether it is worth your attention, I invite you to read the manic review.

Video review Lark FreeMe 70.65

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Construction / quality

The enclosure is primarily designed plastic.

FreeMe 70.65 Lark has a very simple form. Plastic housing is heavily contoured, and the rear panel (decorated in white) takes place smoothly on the bar side and connects directly with a black front. The front panel has not been fully covered by a sheet protector. Designers left a narrow plastic frame – just in time for the thumbs. Manufacturer's markings are striking.

  • See the specification for Lark FreeMe 70.65

The quality of workmanship and installation, do not run from the standards in this price segment. The designers used mainly in the construction of plastic. Housing bowed to the pressure and the crackle happen at work. Below the screen we see the effect of "hot tub" (characteristic of the air bubbles) with a stronger pressing on the screen. But we can be confident – the tablet, even heavily used, we do not fall apart in your hands. [Nggallery id = 300 template = techmaniak] In ergonomic terms we can count on the handy size and light weight, which is unlikely to be felt even with prolonged use of the tablet. The housing has a tendency to heat up, but it does not reach the temperature, which could be felt as unstated. The screen does not resist the finger. Under the matrix can be seen vertical lines dividing panel technology throughout its length – fortunately do not affect the functionality of the device.

Lark FreeMe 70.65 / photo tabletManiaK.pl

the list of equipment include single cam positioned at the front of the long side. This is a standard unit for the budget segment. Has a resolution of 0.3 megapixels and will conduct a video conference. When shooting we rely on a standard VGA. In addition, there will be a single speaker (maximum sound level is about 75 dB), located on a side bar and a microphone.


FreeMe 70.65 Lark is equipped with a TN matrix.

FreeMe 70.65 Lark is equipped with a 7-inch LCD screen based on the matrix TN. Has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Like most TN screens, so the model used in Larku offers a relatively narrow range of useful angles (drastic deformation of color and contrast is visible deviation in both directions). The device does not have a light sensor.

Lark FreeMe 70.65 / photo tabletManiaK.pl

Maximum brightness sensor is about 284 cd/m2 at 100-percent power backlight, the backlight uniformity reaches 32%. Brightness can change smoothly over a wide range, with the lowest value is 0 cd/m2, the screen is cleared completely. The matrix does not flashes at no point, did not notice the discoloration and "dead pixels".

Maximum power lighting / photo tabletManiaK.pl

supports multi-touch screen with five pressure points. Resolution of points is high. The sensor is well calibrated and do not get confused with the classic for Android gestures (movement, pinch, stretch, etc.) – even while charging the tablet. Touch is usually recognized without delay.


Lark FreeMe 70.65 was armed with a USB OTG support a wide range of accessories.

Tablet is equipped with a simple communication interface. On board you will find the classic micro-USB (acting also as the power port) and a microSD card slot. Completes the 3.5 mm jack dedicated speakers or headphones (due to the mobility of the device, but rather the latter). Manufacturer attach the supplied USB cable, through which you attach the device to your computer (tablet is detected as a mass storage, but we can change the standard MTP or PTP). In the box it is true we do not find an adapter for full-size USB port, but it is the possibility of connecting accessory. MicroUSB port supports OTG offers support for external memory, input devices and external drives with power supply. When you connect a USB hub, the device automatically switches off.

Lark FreeMe 70.65 / photo tabletManiaK.pl

In terms of wireless communication can count on the WiFi adapter. During testing, I noted not even the temporary loss of connectivity and fluctuations in the speed of data transfer. From the Settings tab, you can require continuous operation, even when the display is turned off. People who wish to use a 3G modem can be connected to the accessory connector microUSB. Tablet correctly detects the device and provides access to the Internet (modem-based testing Huawei E173-u2 and Play network). In the factory configuration, do not enter the network settings for Aero 2.


Lark FreeMe 70.65 endure six-hour film show.

FreeMe 70.65 Lark is equipped with integrated in the lithium-ion battery. The manufacturer does not specify the exact capacity of the battery. I've tested the equipment in a number of scenarios, assuming normal usage "daily" use of the tablet. The results of all the tests (with brightness set to 120 cd/m2) I've included below. [Test slug = "battery" product_id = "18710"] This estimate battery performance may vary by a few percent, if you choose to work at full power backlight.


Tablet is equipped with a single-core processor.

Tablet is built around a dual-core processor Allwinner A13 Boxchip designed ARMv7 architecture. The computing unit has a nominal clock speed of 1.0 GHz and works with GPU Mali-400 MP. The various processes and applications can use 512 megabytes of RAM. After deducting the fixed system of processes is around 100 MB. As a data warehouse, we can use 4 GB of memory in use – this last is divided into so-called. internal memory (1 GB) and memory storage (where we store our data). Of course, some storage space is already occupied by the factory configuration operating system and installed applications. [Nggallery id = 302 template = techmaniak] find the tablet version of Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). The system is noticeably "hard". Haptic feedback is fraught with delays that in some way affect the comfort. Applications run for a long time, the main reason is the small RAM. A copy of the test sometimes crashed on startup, and the only solution was to restore the factory settings from the Recovery Mode. Tablet traditionally measured the performance with the help of three popular applications: Quadrant, AnTutu and An3DbenchXL. Results can be found below – all values ​​are in points, but the more points, the better. [Test slug = "quadrant" product_id = "18710"] [test slug = "antutu" product_id = "18710"] [test slug = "an3dbenchxl" product_id = "18710"] The onscreen keyboard has four rows of keys. Whatever the system, the keys are uniformly distributed across the width of the display. In practice, the keyboard is comfortable only with the horizontal. If you rotate the tablet 90 degrees, the buttons are too dense, which reduces comfort – a characteristic of many small-sized screens. The vertical unit is a good tool for reading PDFs and web browsing, to write better rather use a horizontal layout.

Lark FreeMe 70.65 / photo tabletManiaK.pl

FreeMe 70.65 Lark will serve as a music player and a reader of "light" PDFs (the device has a problem with continuous service "heavy" files). Due to the rather small size is not suitable for editing tool. For the configuration of components and / or version of Android, the equipment is not fully compatible with all the applications that we tested (eg 3D Mark benchmark or game Mass Effect: Infiltrator). In games recommended titles based on 2D graphics. The 3D animation we see a clear drop in liquidity. Low Browser offers comfort – reads each page with a noticeable delay, and in some cases can be turned off. The factory default configuration will not experience service for Adobe Flash technology, and streaming audio and video (I checked the websites offering streaming video – for example, drhtv.com.pl and based games Settlers Online ). I tested the media files with the following characteristics:
  • mkv 1080p h264; 40Mbps
  • mkv 1080p h264, 10Mbps, dts; subtitles
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, vorbis, subtitles;
  • mp4, 720p, h264, 6Mbps, ac3;
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 600kbps, aac / mp3;
  • mkv, 480p, xvid, 1mbps, aac;

Here tablet definitely surprised me. No major problems handled all of the standard media which does not happen often even more powerful configurations of components. We can count on entertainment, films and series on the road. The only thing, we do not coped tablet, the built-in subtitle file.

Summary, evaluation and review

Lark FreeMe 70.65 can not admire the configuration of components, or screen, for it only costs 220 gold, while offering basic functionality and the ability to watch movies and clips without restrictions. Memory storage is small, but this problem can be solved by the purchase of additional microSD card. [temperature] DESIGN / QUALITY | 2.5 | HOME | 2.0 | OUTPUT POWER | 3.5 | CAPACITY | 2.0 | SOFTWARE | 3.0 | EQUIPMENT | 2.5 [/ temperature]

  • Broad multimedia standards;
  • Outstanding power efficiency;
  • 3G Modem Support;
  • Low Price.
  • The matrix TN;
  • No support for Aero 2;
  • A small storage space;
  • A small amount of RAM, and a delay in the operation of the system;
  • Unstable operating system;
  • Not compatible with some applications.

We answer readers' questions

Michael: Send as yours holds a battery, because for me it was a tragedy and dostawaliście or after downloading a few applications to shop Play RPC error: S AEC 5 faucet "hold" up to 6 hours of continuous video playback. The detailed results can be found in the test. When you download an application from Google Play has not jumped any errors. The applications are not compatible with the device could not initiate the download. Pawel also have an on-screen dark stripes? How is a black screen, or the light is plain to see. Yeah. The screen is characterized by the design solution. Counties what program, how it can be zasynchronizować with Kompany on Windows? Device should be detected by windows based file explorer.

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