Overmax DualDrive – test tablet 7 “with GPS and DVB-T

Overmax DualDrive a typical tablet in the car. 7-inch frame does not cover the windows, and built-in GPS and TV tuner will prove to be a great addition to the trip. Also in the box with the device you will find a wide range of accessories – including the car mount. If you want to know how to practice exercises in smaller cousin Overmax DualDrive MAX model and whether it is worth a look – we invite you to read the manic review.

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Construction / quality

Overmax DualDrive characterized by simple design.

Designers gave no fancy equipment form. The rear panel has been contoured and smoothly into milled sidewalls. Assembly lines are almost invisible, which gives the impression of monolithic hardware. The tablet is kept in a black color. Indication of the manufacturer are printed with white paint. Finishes are dull. Visually, the tablet is not particularly attractive, but it also raises negative feelings.

  • See the specification for Overmax DualDrive

The quality of the stands at an average level. The device is not rigid – both front and back bend under pressure. Under the protective pane creates the effect of "hot tub" which proves inaccurate passing. Housing, however, does not creak at work and does not heat up to uncomfortable temperatures. Ports are well built, and the buttons are not loose. Sliding from one of the corners of the antenna is a simple model of a thin telescope design. It is at her watch – careless gesture can contort her. [Nggallery id = 318 template = techmaniak] tablet comfortable to hold but to other 7-inch device is not especially light. The buttons have been moved to the corner, but I would prefer that the volume control is within immediate reach of the finger, with the horizontal. Screen does not put much resistance the finger. It is also worth noting that the producer joins a solid set of accessories – including the car mount. The list of equipment you will find two webcams. They were almost symmetrically placed at the long side. They are characterized by a resolution of the 0.3 and 2 megapixel with pictures. The front will conduct a video conference offers VGA recording mode. The main camera can be used for video-recorder, HD serving at a speed of 14 frames per second. In addition, the device was armed with a microphone and a single speaker on the rear panel.


Tablet is equipped with a TN matrix.

Tablet is equipped with a widescreen LCD, 7-inch and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Like most of the matrix TN, offers a narrow range of useful angles (deformation colors and contrast is visible deviation in each direction). Other image parameters are of the average level. Displayed content is clear and the colors are strongly cooled.

Overmax DualDrive / photo tabletManiaK.pl

The maximum brightness is 206 cd/m2 matrix (at 100-percent power backlight). This results in lower areas who place market standards. The uneven illumination reaches 10%. Brightness can change smoothly, and the lowest value is 64 cd/m2. The matrix does not flashes at no point, did not notice the discoloration and "dead pixels".

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The minimum strength of the backlight / photo tabletManiaK.pl

supports multi-touch screen with five pressure points. Resolution of points is high. The sensor is well calibrated and do not get confused with the classic for Android gestures (movement, pinch, stretch, etc.) – even while charging the tablet. Touch is usually recognized without delay.


Overmax DualDrive was armed with GPS and DVB-T.

Overmax DualDrive is equipped with a 3.5 mm Minijack ports (to which we can hook headphones or speakers), dedicated power connector, microSD card slot (supports media up to 32GB), microUSB connector and socket miniHDMI. The latter is a nice addition – will connect the tablet to a larger screen (eg TV). MicroUSB port supports USB memory, pointing devices, and USB hubs. There were however found an external drive (500 GB, without power supply). For a tablet computer is detected as a mass storage.

Overmax DualDrive / photo tabletManiaK.pl

In terms of wireless communication can count on the WiFi adapter. During testing, the connection was stable. From the Settings tab, you can require continuous operation even when the display is turned off. Tablet also supports external 3G modems (tested on the basis of modem Huawei E173-u2) and provides support for networks Aero 2. There I noted surges and data transfer interruptions resulting from hardware problems. The icing on the cake is the GPS and DVB-T, with the ability to connect an external antenna.


Battery low capacity to use force in the journey with the car charger.

Tablet is equipped with integrated in the lithium-ion battery. It is characterized by a capacity 3000 mAh. The results of all the tests (with brightness set to 120 cd/m2, which represents approximately 80% of the maximum power backlight) I've included below. [Test slug = "battery" product_id = "18800"] This estimate battery performance may vary if you choose to operate at full power for the backlight. The battery quickly loses power while connected to 3G. Other results, however, confirm the initial assumption – the battery has too little capacity to treat the tablet as a fully mobile. 3.5 hours watching movies is a poor result.


On board you will find the tablet configuration single core processor and GPU Mali-400 MP.

Tablet is built on a single-core processor Telechips TTC8923 designed ARMv7 architecture. The computing unit has a nominal clock speed of 1 GHz and works with single-GPU Mali-400 MP. The various processes and applications can take advantage of one gigabyte of DDR3 RAM. After deducting the fixed system of processes is about 660 MB. As a data warehouse, we can use 8 GB of memory in use. You can move applications from internal memory to memory storage. Of course, some storage space is already occupied by the factory configuration operating system and installed applications. The tablet will find the version of Android 4.0.4 (ICS). The liquidity of the system is at an average level. Applications start relatively slowly, which results in comfort. We will not see any improvements also help you use your tablet while driving. Tablet traditionally measured the performance with the help of three popular applications: Professional Quadrant, AnTuTu and An3DbenchXL. Results can be found below – all values ​​are in points, but the more points, the better. [Test slug = "quadrant" product_id = "18800"] [test slug = "antutu" product_id = "18800"] [test slug = "an3dbenchxl" product_id = "18800"] The onscreen keyboard has four rows of keys. Whatever the system, the keys are uniformly distributed across the width of the display. Due to the wide format tablet, in practice, the keyboard is comfortable only with the horizontal. If you rotate the tablet 90 degrees, the buttons are too dense, which reduces comfort. The vertical unit is a good tool for reading PDFs and web browsing, to write better rather use a horizontal layout. Overmax DualDrive is characterized by a rather low yield. However, applications will be served everyday, so we can turn navigation device, the reader PDFs, music player, and even simpler games console. During the tests, the tablet launched a number of graphics-intensive games (eg Death Dome or Dead Trigger). Framerate is low, but we can count on the correct handling of textures and models. The equipment runs without problems and support the Skype application, but does not use the full power of the speakers. Loading parties during web browsing is done with a small but noticeable delay. In addition, the browser is unstable and likes to hang (need to restart the connection). Tablet factory default configuration does not support Adobe Flash, and streaming audio and video (you checked the websites offering streaming video – for example, drhtv.com.pl and based games Settlers Online ). I tested the media files with the following characteristics:

  • mkv 1080p h264; 40Mbps
  • mkv 1080p h264, 10Mbps, dts; subtitles
  • mp4, 720p, h264, 6Mbps, ac3;
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, vorbis, subtitles;
  • mkv, 720p, h264, 600kbps, aac / mp3.

Tablet without problems recreate those files – including those in high-speed (about 10, and even 40 mbps). It can therefore be successfully used as a mobile media player, especially since we can hook up via HDMI to a larger screen. There were only problems with DTS sound, and built in a separate subtitle track.

Summary, evaluation and review

Overmax DualDrive is a proposal tailored specifically for people looking for affordable Kaem tablet in the car. On the one hand, the device performance is not surprising, but the screen is not very clear here, but it only costs a little over $ 400, which in the presence of GPS modules and DVB-T can be considered as an attractive offer. [temperature] DESIGN / QUALITY | 3.0 | HOME | 2.0 | OUTPUT POWER | 2.0 | CAPACITY | 2.0 | SOFTWARE | 3.0 | EQUIPMENT | 4.0 [/ temperature]

  • Rich zetaw;
  • MiniHDMI connector;
  • The GPS module;
  • DVB-T;
  • HD Movie;
  • Supporting a wide range of multimedia standards.
  • No autofocus on the camera;
  • Poor performance power;
  • The matrix TN with poor performance;
  • Poor configuration of components;
  • No support for Adobe Flash and streaming audio / video;
  • No support for DTS.

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