Even on the days (5-9 June) will begin in 2012 Computex Taipei exhibition, which seems to be a powerful strike to prepare Asus. The company has released several videos podgrzewających atmosphere, one of which shows a separable Android and Windows logos YouTube Preview Image and the second suggests a possible merger of the two "sides": YouTube Preview Image It is unknown how closely would possibly look like such a device. Presumably, he would not be possible to combine in a single housing Android with Windows 8 RT – mainly because of objections to Microsoft, which clearly does not wish such mariaży. The usefulness of this tandem could also leave much to be desired, because the Windows interface RT Metro and fledgling software base would not be a great complement to Google's system. I personally prefer a hybrid przywitałbym Android with Windows 8 on x86. It is not difficult to imagine a classic the Asus Transformer, which when inserted into the docking station (which includes an Intel processor and a separate drive) zamieniałby a netbook with touch screen and Windows 8 pełnosprawnym With proper pricing, such a device could refer disputes success. What will really and what the videos presented by Asus will we learn in the coming days. Source: The Verge