More than a week ago on our website you could read about the upcoming launch of the Microsoft Office office suite for devices running the Android operating system. This is all well and good, but Microsoft has denied the above information, leaving us confused. Perhaps just the Redmond giant wants to surprise us. 🙂

Screenshot: BGR

Now – according to website The Daily – a package ultimately is to appear on Android. We even know the specific date – this is to happen by November 10th. The report can also find out that the work is already at the final stage of MS Office for Android. As you know, Microsoft is also planning to release this package for IOS. Rumor has it that the Prime Minister on both systems is to take place simultaneously. Well, come to us contradictory information, and any subsequent report does not make too much to the whole thing. It remains for us so just wait for official statements from Microsoft – then we can be sure. Meanwhile, we are left to settle for rumors, presumptions, and reports from various sources. Source: The Daily